Battlelab Set For Impending Launch of Their Blockchain Based Competitive Esports Gaming Platform

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Battlelab is an innovative Esports platform that allows players to compete in tournament style matchmaking games with other players worldwide. The Battlelab platform offers fully automated integration to a variety of games, allowing quick and seamless user experience to their favorite game titles. Battlelab provides a safe and secure platform for players, so they can Play-to-Earn using smart contracts.

Bangkok, Thailand, April 17, 2022, Battlelab is a Decentralized Gaming Platform that operates on the blockchain with its own Battlelab Coin (BLC), the core utility token used in the Battlelab ecosystem including tournament staking, NFT buying/selling, Battlelab Farm reward sharing, and governance procedures. The platform offers more than just gaming to the Esports community, but it is a next generation gaming platform that aims to revolutionize the way games are played around the world. 

A brief look at some of the primary features illustrate why Battlelab is the future of online gaming on the Blockchain:

  • Supporting Games: Battlelab is focusing on a seamless user experience while playing their favorite game titles. It is designed to be able to integrate several popular games with compatible API’s to their platform, and users can also suggest the game titles that they wish to play on the platform.
  • PVP Matchmaking: With the use of The Average MMR Ranking System, the AI algorithm of this feature helps to analyze players’ actual skills and put them in the same category. This allows players from around the world to compete without being hustled by players with higher skillsets pretending to be newcomers.
  • Leaderboard/Ranking: Everyone will be able to see his/her rank on the Leaderboard which will be published in real time. There will be several leaderboards, each one of them will be set apart by the players’ tier that they are in. The leaderboards will show the players that have earned the highest rewards and their win/lose ratio. Prizes will also be given to the top-ranking players on each leaderboard.
  • Custom Lobby: Not only can players compete with random players through the PVP Matchmaking system, but the platform also provides players with Custom PVP Games; therefore, players can set up a game to compete with their friends or rivals to see who is better. They can test their skills and compete with others that have a higher skill gap with them. There is no limit to how much players can earn from winning a match.

The Unique Battlelab World: 

  • Social System: The social system allows users to connect with friends and other players or make new friends online. Players will be able to customize their own profile, share their thoughts and opinions on the social feed. They can also recruit other players they meet on the social feed to join their teams.
  • Chat System: Players can chat with other players in channels such as World Chat, Personal Chat, Team Chat, and Clan Chat as well as using other features such as: 

Friend Invitations – This feature is a great way to stay in touch with people met online. After the player adds a friend, they can invite their friends to join their gaming party through the chat box. 

Team creation – Players can invite up to four other players to form a team and go head-to-head against other teams. Players can then choose the modes in which they want to play.

  • Clan System: Groups of players can form their own Clan. Each Clan can set their own criteria for recruiting new members such as preferred language, skill level as determined by the clan leader. Clans will be ranked in the clan leaderboards to compete with other Clans. In the future the clan ranked first at the end of the season will be awarded seasonal prizes.
  • Avatar Customization: Each user will have an avatar that can be customized to their style, mood, or preference using NFT items they acquired.
  • NFT Item Mall: The NFT Item mall is where users can buy items from Battlelab, that can be useful in Neverland as well as NFT items that can be used for customizing their avatars. 
  • NFT Marketplace: With an easy-to-use search system and convenient listings. This allows users to effectively buy or sell their NFT items All agreements between both parties can be easily made using smart contracts, reducing contract violations without the need of legal intervention. It is another great way for users to earn rewards from NFT items.

There are many more features to mention here that illustrate the advanced nature of this platform launch. Gamers and NFT enthusiasts are invited to stop by the site and see the Battlelab’s outstanding features for themselves. 

Mark your calendar

  • Event: Presale Date: Starts on 25th April – 7th May

For complete information, visit:


Media Contact: BattleLab
Attn: Media Relations
Bangkok, Thailand
[email protected]

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