Best Places To Trade Bitcoin In 2022

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No one can say that Bitcoin hasn’t surged in popularity and usefulness over the years. What was once just considered a trending fad has now exploded into a real-world currency applicable for everyday use by numerous vendors. Not only are online retailers taking advantage of everything this currency has to offer, but physical retailers are now equipping their stores to buy, sell, and trade Bitcoin.

With the currency exploding in popularity, the question of legitimacy is becoming more and more precarious. Along with conmen and scammers, people from around the globe are looking to make money on this currency without caring about the services offered. Simply put, when trading Bitcoin today, you need to make sure you are doing so with a reputable vendor.


You can check any listing of top Bitcoin exchanges of 2022, and you will without a doubt see listed somewhere. It might not make it to the top of everyone’s list, but it certainly rates a high spot here. The reason for this is that the exchange is well-established and extremely versatile. Being in business since, 2001, you can rest assured that you are going to get fair, accurate, and quality services when trading with this provider. not only makes it easy to start trading Bitcoin quickly, but that makes it accessible anytime. As soon as you register your account and make the appropriate deposits, you can start trading via web or mobile. Spend a little time researching and traders stand to save as much as 15 percent with rebates totaling nearly $10 million. Along with the tutelage of experienced successful traders, you’ll be making money in little time.


ETORO might be registered under a Mexican name, but they offer investment and trading opportunities for all and any interested. With trading options in 15 of today’s most popular cryptocurrencies, you won’t have a problem diversifying your portfolio. One of the reasons that eToro is ranking so high on this list is because it always trading with no CFDs, no shorting, and no leverage. As a new trader, you might be wondering exactly what this means.

Well, it simply means the site allows you to trade not just Bitcoin but all cryptocurrencies directly without going through a derivative element. With the advantage of trading, buying, or selling directly, one stands to bypass multiple fees and exchange rates that other traders aren’t privy to. Another unique thing about the eToro exchange is that the creators try to make Bitcoin as simple as possible. They want you to succeed.

There are a lot of complicated trading strategies when it comes to Bitcoin. Understanding these strategies and market changes is even hard for some of the most qualified traders. Therefore, eToro makes things easier by allowing traders to copy trades. A member just scored a huge payday. The site allows access to that member’s trades, so you can mimic them and take immediate advantage. Just remember, this is something you’ll want to do immediately because the Bitcoin market can be fickle. What was up one minute might be down the next.


An exchange is only as good as its employees, investors, and traders. This is why you can rest assured you are investing with quality people when you use Binance as a crypto exchange. Binance has done for the cryptocurrency market what the สล็อตเว็บใหญ่ที่สุด has done for online gambling platforms.

A lot of the exchange’s success can be contributed to the exchange’s founder, Changpeng Zhao. Not only has he grown to become one of the most reputable cryptocurrency traders in the world, but he proves it on paper. With his firm, Binance, trading daily at a volume of over $2 billion, there is ample opportunity available for the right investors.

Zhao and Binance offer trading around the globe to people in the UK, Uganda, Nigeria, and even the States. Binance’s online platform is more than secure and offers its members access to multiple crypto trading products.

They are also registered and licensed with several regulatory agencies around the world, so the question of legitimacy should never come up. With access to recorded and documented historical trading data, members won’t have a problem finetuning their investment strategies.

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