TorGuard VPN Review: Pros & Cons and Features Analysis

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In this TorGuard VPN Review, I will give an overview of its features, pros and cons and my personal perspective on whether TorGuard VPN is a good choice or not.

The ideal type of VPN to use is one with a relatively low price, good loading speeds, and high security measures. These are the core values of every VPN service provider who respects itself. TorGuard VPN meets these “demands “values” at a 95%. There is still a 5% which limits its excellence.

In this article, I’m going to review how best to navigate through this VPN, explain the various offers and features it has, and why you should, or shouldn’t opt for it. 

I particularly appreciate the ease with which it can be hosted. I loved that the connection was pretty swift, how it bypasses throttling and could break through firewalls is great too. When it comes to security and flushing out malware, TorGuard proves good. 

What Is TorGuard VPN?

TorGuard VPN is a virtual private network that was founded in 2012 and currently has its headquarters in the US. The company says it aims to serve as a stressless channel through which internet users can maintain anonymity.

TorGuard VPN Review: Pros & Cons and Features Analysis
Screenshot from TorGuard VPN Website

While it can be argued that these features are also present in other VNPs, they are not all present in a single VPN as it’s with TorGuard. It has over 3000 servers in more than 50 countries around the world. It’s a matter of getting across to a wider user range without sacrificing speed and quality delivery.

Despite these, TorGuard is not without limitations. Nevertheless, It is still functional even in countries with media censorship like China, Cuba, Belarus, Saudi Arabia, etc, where other VNPs struggle to find relevance.

TorGuard Pros And Cons


  • Tight security – TorGuard uses a stealth proxy which is an added security layer where an encrypted proxy is used to connect the VPN for tighter security. It features IPv6 leak prevention too.
  • Free trial version– You have the chance to test TorGuard VPN for free to see if it covers your needs.
  • Fair speed – Using a VPN means a tampered speed, it’s great that TorGuard is among the few VPNs with features like the wire guard tunneling protocol that helps with your internet’s speed.
  • 3000+ servers – I like the fact that TorGuard VPN has 3000+ servers in 50+ countries. This means that content can be served from the closer to my computer location and also gives me great flexibility in the country I want to show my IP address is coming from.
  • No logs – TorGuard keeps no logs, which is a major plus.
  • Up to x12 Simultaneous Connections – With a single subscription you can login up to 8 devices. This is VPN for the whole family with a single VPN plan.
  • Kill Switch – I consider having a Kill switch option to be great
  • Accepts Crypto – You can pay your VPN plans with Bitcoin and Litecoin. Since we are crypto enthusiasts, this feature is a major plus for us. Check this list with the best VPNs that accept Crypto.
  • Allows torrenting – TorGuard allows peer-2-peer traffic to pass through its servers. Fan-fact: Tor in TorGuard is from the word Torrent. Essentially, TorGuard’s name is Torrent Guard.
  • Streaming– TorGuard works with streaming services and Netflix as well. Thumbs up for that too.


  • USA Jurisdiction – TorGuard’s headquarters are in United States. Everyone knows that the law in the United States are not in favor of anonymity and privacy.
  • Split Tunneling only for android – This feature, which is one of the most enjoyed by users, is available for Android users only.
  • Gift Cards and Crypto not eligible for money back – That means that if you pay with crypto or gift card your can’t ask your money back if you don’t like TorGuard’s service. Bummer.
  • Pricing – Not the cheapest out there.

TorGuard VPN Features

In this section I’ll make a more detail “dive” to TorGuard’s features and how I feel about them.

Number of devices per subscription

One of the coolest features of TorGuard is the number of connections per subscription. While other VPNs accommodate only 6 or 7 devices, TorGuard allows up to 8 devices with their standard plan. An upgrade to a pro subscription allows for as many as 12 devices at a single time and an upgrade to premium plan allows for up to 30 devices.

Log records

TorGuard’s privacy policy states that it keeps no user activity log records. Although this might be true, TorGuard’s headquarters are in Florida, US.

At any moment they can use TorGuard’s data to track you down and arrest you – if you are doing something against the law that it. Being headquartered in the US, it’s a big minus for me.

πŸ‘‰ Learn more about 5 eyes countries, the 9 eyes countries and the 14 eyes countries.

DNS Options

TorGuard gives you the chance to manage your DNS option, especially when the DNS of your VPN provider gets blocked by a website. This way, you can easily bypass any DNS restriction through your offered alternative DNS.

This feature is not common with many VPNs. The good thing here is that you can use this to access the DNS servers that are designed to work in some countries like China which have strong internet regulation policies. 

Kill Switch

Because you can lose a VPN connection and lose anonymity at some point, TorGuard features an “App Kill” where you can decide any app you wish you shut down on in case of an accidental connection loss to the main server.

Aside from this, TorGuard shut down your internet connection upon any impromptu VPN crash, all thanks to its kill switch. 

Multiple Payment Options

TorGuard understands the assignment when it comes to creating payment ease, hence there are features for many payment options to meet the different payment means as would be used by different internet users. 

The company accepts Bitcoin payment through its BTCpay node, Litecoin, and all forms of Mastercard, Amex, debit card, and visa, as well as some payment options through Paygarden and Paymentwall. 


Although this feature is geared to expert VPN users, I have to mention it.

There’s a script feature in every app of TorGuard’s VPN. It allows every user to have a customized VPN connection according to the script they write.

But the script allows you to write your preferred mode of operation of the VPN and how you want it to run.

For instance, you can make it to close a particular program or shut down a website of your choice. Or any network drive, or map. 


For online privacy and heightened security, TorGuard features AES-256 encryption. It’s a symmetric type of block cipher algorithm that blocks a hacker or any third party from intercepting your encrypted traffic.

So far, it has proven to be great. For advanced and more secure protection, it also uses the SHA-12 algorithm for every of its authentication.

Number of servers

To match the demands of VPN users, there are over 3000 servers situated in over 60 different VPN server locations in 50 countries in the world.

These many options have truly helped to improve speeds and efficiency. Despite the impressive servers, some world regions lack coverage though.

Africa for example. Only South Africa is an exception. It also operates within 27 countries across Europe with Russia inclusive. 9 countries in the Asia Pacific, and 5 countries in the Americas. 

Money back guarantee

Upon payment, TorGuard has a 7-day money-back guarantee. In the event that you’re not satisfied with the service you’re offered, you have the luxury of a choice to opt-out and get refunded within a space of 7 days. 

However, gift cards and crypto payments are not eligible for a refund – which is a bummer.

Refund is also not possible for users who got offers that included free devices that have left the company’s warehouse. Refunds can also be withheld on account of any type of privacy violation. 

Split tunneling

The split tunneling feature is pretty helpful as some of your sensitive apps would ideally not have a VPN internet connection that would otherwise become a problem.

In the case of a bank or crypto app, the split tunneling becomes great so that you are not suspected of illegal access when a log into the account is seen by your financial institution from a supposed distant location.

The problem here though is that this feature is only available for android devices.

Speed and Torrenting 

TorGuard is very much compatible with torrenting apps like Vuze and uTorrent, these two have worked for me and they did pretty well at that.

Although the speed with which it flowed varied. Randomly, it goes between 11KB/s to 7MB/s. Other times it goes faster than this. In all, this is one of the fastest moves a VPN has offered me. TorGuard VPN is great with P2P file sharing as well. 


Yes, TorGuard is great with streaming services and Netflix as well. It allows for dedicated IPs which can have access to Netflix UK, US, DE, SP, FR, and JP. To access the streaming feature you’ll have to get the PRO plan. That said, streaming is not available on their standard plan.

TorGuard Subscription And Prices

Here are TorGuard’s Pricing Plans.


Note: TorGuard still offers you unlimited bandwidth and speed, and you’re getting the exact features as that of 3000 servers in over 50 countries. This is regardless of the type of subscription you opt for.  

TorGuard VPN Review (Video)

If you are looking for more insight on TorGuard Review, check this really great review I’ve found on YouTube (don’t mind the clickbait title). I believe it will make my TorGuard review more complete.


On the grand scheme of VPN rating, TorGuard stands as one of the most prominent.

I appreciate the fact that the window’s application is easy to go through, and it comes with a swift and easy installation process too. But a notable downside here is the obviousness of no regard for user experience as regards interface.

I think that basic and advanced settings should be distinguished on different dashboards too to better overall user experience. In All, the TorGuard VPN is a relatively better one out of the pool of existing VPNs.

TorGuard VPN Review

Pavlos Giorkas

Torguard logo


Overall a good VPN with all the features a cypherpunk would ask for – except the fact that it is headquartered in the US. If that’s not a “thing” for you, then simply ignore it and join TorGuard. You will not get dissapointed.


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