The Entrepreneur Who Is Revolutionizing Decentralized Investment Applications

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Determined to Make an Impact

Appo Agbamu, CFA, was an associate portfolio manager at one of the largest banks in the U.S. During his time there, Agbamu helped manage more than 2 billion dollars in assets for high net worth clients and charitable foundations.

Two years later, he was gone. The decision wasn’t easy, but in order for his new venture to succeed long term, it would require his full attention and energy.  Agbamu bootstrapped the business with $25,000 in savings; formed strategic partnerships with investment and brokerage firms and launched Ahrvo– a zero commission quantitative social trading platform that ranks over 8000 stocks and ETFs (available on iOS and Android).

Appo’s mission: to address what he felt were the two main barriers to entry for stock investing, time and knowledge. The demands of everyday life limit the ability of retail investors to read brokerage reports and company financials and listen to earnings calls and investor presentations, making it hard to keep a pulse on the 8,000+ stocks and ETFs listed on NYSE and Nasdaq. Furthermore, there are novice investors and traders who want to get involved in the stock market but don’t know where to start and lacked a platform that made it easy to analyze equities.

Ahrvo provides daily ranking for stocks and ETFs. Equities on the platform are ranked from 0-100, 0 (strong sell) and 100 (strong buy). AhrvoScores are derived using an ‘optimal’ combination of value, momentum, quality and growth factors that are highly correlated to future stock price performance. Ahrvo’s software uses predictive analytics and data mining techniques to uncover and exploit patterns found in historical and projected company, industry and stock market data points in order to consistency find the best stocks to buy.

The Evolution

Fascinated with peer-to-peer transactions, and the application of blockchain within the brokerage industry, Appo began working on the AhrvoDEEX project. For decades, clearinghouses and other intermediaries have cost the brokerage industry billions of dollars a year, creating bottlenecks that limit order-matching transparency and settlement speed. AhrvoDEEX brokerage provides Ahrvo the ability to scale and an opportunity to vertically integrate the business. More importantly, AhrvoDEEX has practical applications that will bring access, speed, efficiency, and transparency to equity markets.

Appo was introduced to the stock market by his father and began investing in high school. He often spent his time reading investing classic like Security Analyst, Intelligent Investor, Big Deal, Common Stocks Uncommon Profits, etc. that were on the family bookshelf.

His passion for financial markets continued into college where he double majored in accounting and economics and minored in financial markets, graduating from the University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD) in 4 years.

During his time at UMD, Agbamu held several investing and finance-related internships and received national acclaim for two economic and stock market-related research projects. Appo was a student director for the Bulldog Fund, LLC, a student-managed hedge fund with $1.6m in assets under management (aum).

The Bulldog Fund employs an enhanced S&P 500 strategy and has a portable alpha component that uses statistical arbitrage to find long/short opportunities. Appo also competed for the UMD’s track team as a shotputter. After college, he began developing Ahrvo while working full-time and studying for the chartered financial analyst (CFA) exam, two years later he received the designation and launched Ahrvo.

The Future of Brokerage Transactions

AhrvoDEEX is a peer-to-peer decentralized equity exchange that enables profitable trading by using multifactor ranking systems and deep learning algorithms to create smart equity scores and price targets that streamline the decision-making process. Ahrvo DEEX transaction speed is comparable to centralized exchanges and much faster than Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Centralized exchanges settle in 1 to 3 seconds. Ethereum DEX transactions take ~3 minutes. Bitcoin transactions take 10 minutes to settle but can often take longer. Transactions on AhrvoDEEX settle in ~3 to 5 seconds. Ahrvo’s proprietary equity scoring model looks at over 4 dozen subfactors that are highly correlated with price performance, subsequently grouping them into four main factors.

For the past ten years, the system has consistently outperformed the stock market (benchmark Russell 3000 w/dividends). The model’s performance report was generated by a third-party firm, EQM Capital LLC.

Keep up with the AhrvoDEEX project!

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