Openware Announces OpenDAX3 Crypto Exchange Software Platform

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The crypto market is inherently laden with exciting opportunities as the adoption rate of digital and cryptocurrencies across the world continues to increase. Cryptocurrency exchanges play a pivotal role in trade facilitation and provide investors access to new financial markets.

In a bid to revolutionize the present-day crypto exchange landscape, the team behind Openware is set to launch the new version of its enterprise and white-label crypto exchange software platform, OpenDAX3.

With the release of OpenDAX3, crypto business enthusiasts can build and operate a robust crypto exchange marketplace with a low-code deployment and maintenance process.

About Openware, Inc.

Established in 2006 by intrepid cloud software architects Louis Bellet and Camille Meulien, Openware is a force to reckon with when it comes to designing and developing highly customizable open-source software for Blockchain startups and enterprises. Openware, Inc. is headquartered in the USA and operates with a clear mission – to revolutionize the current financial landscape through Blockchain technology. 

At its core, Openware provides developers and businesses the leverage to build innovative decentralized crypto marketplaces and distributed ledger applications. Openware operates four offices in the USA, Thailand, Ukraine, and France.

Openware has built over 100 crypto projects over the last four years, expanding the crypto market opportunities. 

What is the OpenDAX crypto exchange platform?

OpenDAX is an acronym for โ€œOpen-Source Digital Assets Exchange,โ€ where crypto investors and traders can trade cryptocurrencies, digital assets, or security tokens. 

Unlike other white label crypto exchanges, OpenDAX has a customizable back-end with the ability to become self-hosted, an easily customizable user interface (UI), and an administration panel where all activities on the platform can be managed by staff members.

Trading and service fees on the OpenDAX platform are configurable. The platform also has multi-level referral system support, a double-entry accounting system, and trading bots support through API keys.

Additionally, there are API connectors for payment systems and fiat gateways. OpenDAX supports a framework for adding custom business logic. The cloud-native OpenDAX exchange platform also uses an auto-scalable self-healing cloud system to guarantee smooth operations.

Furthermore, OpenDAX offers role-based access control (RBAC), advanced and simplified trading interface, arbitrage, liquidity, and market-making. That’s not all; OpenDAX provides tools and options for risk management, platform analytics, as well as staff activity report systems. 

OpenDAX3 Exchange Liquidity Network (XLN)

The team at Openware is also excited to announce that OpenDAX Exchange Liquidity Network is now fully operational. OpenDAX solution customers can subscribe to XLN API calls and integrate liquidity offers from across 500+ OpenDAX-powered crypto exchanges.

OpenDAX3 also comes with a front-end customization tool in addition to the OpenDAX BaseApp stock front-end to enhance your creativity and enhance the styling of your OpenDAX-powered platform on the go.

The Openware team has drastically simplified the deployment, installation, and configuration of the OpenDAX software stack. You can now compare the OpenDAX deployment process to the Windows and macOS installation wizards. 


With the release of the OpenDAX3 crypto exchange platform in March 2021, Openware is set to revolutionize the present-day crypto exchange business development.

The team at Openware has the experience, technology, and capacity to help crypto entrepreneurs launch a crypto business platform of any complexity, from startup to enterprise-grade.

Follow Openware, Inc. on their website and socials for updates on Crypto and Blockchain technology and DeFi development news.

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