4 Interesting Crypto Projects For June That Are Poised To Disrupt The Market

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After you look at the current market condition, you might think this is the recreation of The Office’s “Fire Drill” scene.

Yep, the situation at this very moment is not the best. Bitcoin has fallen to the ocean’s depths as well as the other crypto. Only several projects show some decent growth. If you really believe that the whole market will soon be doomed – you might as well cash out, put all your money under the mattress and never ever invest again, cause this is certainly not for you.

Smart people continue to review new projects and buy potential winners while they are down. After all, we have witnessed similar stuff in 2019 and the moment of active growth of crypto is just a matter of time.

The same with NFT – this is the future and it is still not late to start learning, because afterward, it will indeed be too late.

We gathered the Top 4 interesting projects for you, which you just have to review right now. If not, tomorrow you will be learning it from your friends.


4 Interesting Crypto Projects For June That Are Poised To Disrupt The Market

Of course, you have already heard about StepN, where you can earn tokens by walking in virtual shoes. So, the creators of Amazy promise to have created a more global project at a bigger scale, where you will not only be able to earn yourself but also in a team and take part in tournaments and marathons.

You will be able to buy, sell and rent sneakers. The app will offer a bunch of different models with different stats: durability, productivity, etc. Plus each shoe will have slots to fill with crystals, which will help you upgrade.

As it is common, there will be 2 tokens: the utility token named AMT with the infinite emission, which you will be able to learn in the app, and a management token named AZY.

AMT will be used to repair sneakers, upgrade and customize them, as well as give the ability to open new slots and update boxes and crystals.

The marketing strategy of the project is built on hype – there are a lot of bloggers with 1+ million audiences, who will help bring regular users to the app. Also, another feature is the low cost of entry, which makes it a great alternative to StepN as of now.

What is really alerting is that the promises sound too sweet and the app design looks identical to the one StepN offers. If you want to make sure yourself, you can just visit their socials and see how the application looks – they borrowed all the little pieces from StepN.

The project promises you lots of cheese, which is known to be free only in the mousetraps. Anyway, AMAZY is worth your attention at least for keeping an eye on its development. Who knows, maybe it is truly the low-cost alternative to Stepn, which will give a new breath to the Move-To-Earn games.

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4 Interesting Crypto Projects For June That Are Poised To Disrupt The Market

NFT Staking, referral system, mystery boxes – all of that describes the new NFT platform called Artozo. It has just recently been launched on the Solana blockchain, but already sparked the interest of many users.

The main thing about Artozo, which got in the public eye, is the referral system. If put simply, you invite a friend to the platform and earn a % of their transactions and activity. Also, friends, whom your friend invites in turn, will automatically become your referrals. That applies up to line 10 – friends of friends of friends….

Buying/Selling NFTs as well as all the rewards on Artozo are made in its native cryptocurrency – ARTZ, which already can be seen on the Solana blockchain. At the moment the token’s price is $0.005. However, after the DEX listing, it will at least double to reach $0.01. The forecasts say that the token will grow slowly, but surely at least 20% MoM.

The Artozo Presale stage has started, which allows buying the ARTZ tokens. For that, you will need to buy an NFT key – a unique digital token of the platform – at the fixed price of $50.

After the purchase, you will immediately get an allocation of $50 to your account, which you can use to buy the ARTZ token. Every invited friend, who bought the key, will allow for another such opportunity worth $50.

Moreover, you get a percentage for each transaction of your referrals. That is, if 5 friends of yours will buy an NFT key, you will get $200 in ARTZ tokens. At the moment this is the most promising Solana project out there.

In addition, in June the MVP of the project is set to be launched – token listing and full opening of the marketplace. Also, the registration for artists, who will be able to list their collections on Artozo, will be open.

However, for that, they will need to go through verification from the team – thanks to that feature they will have a chance to get rid of the market’s real rubbish and give the chance to sell your pieces for a high cost only if you are a truly talented artist.

One of the other things the platform boasts about (yep, there are a lot) is the unique art rating system. Overall, Artozo will have 10 NFT art levels, and the higher the level, the higher the art’s price.

Users of the platform will be able to vote for the arts of the artists they like and that way help raise their prices. For that users will be rewarded with Activity Points, which can be later converted into ARTZ.

Trust me, this is only the beginning. We recommend you to go to Artozo’s website and read more about the guys.

Absolutely everything looks promising, so we will keep an eye on them and research Artozo even more.

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4 Interesting Crypto Projects For June That Are Poised To Disrupt The Market

The Let Me Speak project unites 2 branches at once – NFT and Learn to Earn. It is simple – you are paid for learning English. You learn and earn – what can be better?

NFTs lay at the center of the project – each of them presents a unique character with a set of stats. Using this character in the learning environment allows you to upgrade him/her and get real rewards for your progress – LSTAR tokens. Consequently, all of these tokens can be converted to USDC.

If you buy a character for an average of $130-140, your average daily earnings will constitute 2,99-4,04 USDC. This is 2,2-3% from the character’s initial price a day, or 66-90% a month. The rarer the character is, the higher the stats.

It is important to understand that those are the approximations of potential earnings – they depend on your activity (if you don’t learn – you don’t get rewards; if you answer incorrectly – you get fewer rewards and vice versa). There is no passive income for just holding the NFT (yet), so you need to make input.

 Also, you can use their app and learn for free. However, in that case, your progress won’t yield you monetary rewards – your choice.

However, it is not that simple. Essentially, Let Me Speak works on a model based on the initial payment and subsequent subscription – the “visa days left” section, which you can see on your character’s page, shows how many “free days” he/she is left with.

Depending on the rarity, the characters’ given visa days range from 90 to 210 days. This limitation was implemented by the creators to additionally incentivize users to not skip their learning days. If you do – be a good pupil and pay for it. 

You can prolong your “visa” using the in-game LSTAR token, which the app pays you for completing your lessons.

The project is riding the wave of hype, as it boasts more than 1,5 million downloads and the overall price of NFTs sold going over $1 million. It is certain that the Learn-To-Earn format is useful itself because it allows you to learn, play and of course, earn.

We are sure that this is the future and similar projects will be appearing rather soon. Perhaps, Let Me Speak raises a bunch of questions, but the fact that it really allows you to learn and earn cannot be denied.


Alien Worlds is the fastest-growing blockchain game and one of the most popular decentralized apps on the market. Today more than 2,8 million people play it.

This is a metaverse, where players can mine the in-game currency called TLM and trade various NFTs. Also, they can complete quests, fight each other or take part in controlling the game. That all allows to earn the TLM and convert it into real money.

One of the characteristics worth pointing out is that this is the only blockchain game, which works on several networks at once – Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and WAX (EOS’ fork) – so, its tokens are available on all three.

A brief description of the game’s plot: in 2055 people get a message from the aliens, where they share the secret of traveling through wormholes, which are essentially the shortcuts in space. That way humanity discovers new planets and adventurers rush into space to mine the unique mineral called Trillium – TLM token.

The players of Alien Worlds explore other worlds, cooperate/compete with each other for land and resources, mine TLM and also get in-game items in the form of NFTs. Every planet is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), which receives TLM daily through smart contracts. Trillium is needed to manage the planet. TLM and NFT can be sold on the secondary market and earn money.

How much can be earned in the game? It varies from dozens to hundreds of dollars monthly and all depends on the token’s exchange rate. With some luck as well as regular investments of time and money you can earn even up to a couple of thousands of dollars monthly. Early NFTs from Alien Worlds are now traded at prices 5-10 times higher than the initial ones.

The potential of Alien Worlds is really impressive. Developers constantly treat the community with updates and news about the future. What is also great is that you don’t need to invest much to earn decent money. The game buys the time you devote and pays for it. 


As you see, NFT projects, especially the ones where you need to make input (Move to Earn, Learn to Earn, etc.), are rapidly developing. The market downfall is temporary, so no need to panic. It is the opposite – learn about new projects, and try and take risks. However, before that make sure you review the project in detail and write down the pros and cons. The NFT world gives us the unique opportunity to earn passive income as well as improve our knowledge and health. You can be skeptical about it, but you have to accept the fact that this is the modern reality. You can pick projects, in which you need to invest more, or you can choose the completely free ones. The variety is huge and it is your choice to make!

This is the future and you need to become a part of it. Good luck!

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