How to Trade Profitably on Crypto Futures?

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Crypto futures trading is an incredibly profitable yet risky financial instrument advanced traders and investors use. This method is so special because it allows making a profit on both growing and dropping markets, which makes it so attractive for traders. How does crypto futures work? The essence is betting on the future crypto price. It is either a positive trend (growing market) or a negative trend (downtrend):

  1. A trader opened a “long” position on a crypto futures exchange. That means one expects a price increase and plans to sell his coins when it happens.
  2. A trader goes “short”, meaning one waits for the market to drop and aims to buy digital assets at a lower price.

The value is fixed in a crypto futures contract as well as the date when the trader has to sell or buy coins.

How to Trade Crypto Futures Profitably?

It becomes clear that crypto futures trading is one of the riskiest financial instruments because if the trader is mistaken in his price prediction, one will bear huge losses. To avoid such situations, traders should do careful research.

That is, to analyze crypto charts and find indicators and patterns, analyze the external situation in the global economy, and calculate indicators. These actions will help to understand better whether you should pick a long or short position on the futures contract.

Different crypto exchanges offer different leverage for crypto futures trading. That is, an investor may use borrowed funds to increase one’s positions on the contract, thus, increasing his chances to multiply a profit. It is not recommended to start with high leverage because the bigger it is, the higher the risk of losing everything if your price forecast is wrong.

And finally, picking a crypto asset also plays a crucial role in crypto futures trading. The bigger the coin’s liquidity, the better. Pay attention to the top coins on the Coinmarketcap ranking.

To learn more about crypto futures trading, visit the WhiteBIT blog, where you will find many helpful guides and articles on the crypto topic.

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