How To Buy Bitcoin With A Gift Card?

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As the world continually grows to become increasingly digital, new technologies like blockchain science and cryptocurrencies are beginning to merge into aspects of human life, society and business at a greater rate than ever before. The top digital asset has been Bitcoin since its launch in 2009.

Known by its token ticker, $BTC, the number one digital currency has evolved from being a digital coin solely used to trade or swap on a blockchain-supported wallet or crypto platform. BTC has evolved to become a digital currency used as the store of value for transactional credit and debit cards supported by major payment processors like Visa and MasterCard, to other tools and financial products such as retail gift cards.

Bitcoin Gift Cards Appear And BitCard® Is Born

Over the years since the launch of Bitcoin, the coin has become a widely accepted method of payment by online and in-store retailers and merchants. Recent numbers document around 20,000 retail businesses actively accepting the digital currency through the facilitation of innovative payment gateways, and other mechanisms typically associated with traditional finance. While Bitcoin has become more widely accepted, its demand has increased, giving rise to BTC being implemented in an increasing number of retail scenarios.

Bitcoin gift cards showed up in electronic form as far back as 2013, but the young sub-industry and the BTC gift card model took time to develop and become one that is truly appealing to the general public. BitCard®, a company specializing in BTC gift cards and other blockchain-dependent solutions, began supplying global gift card distributors and online gift card platforms with Bitcoin gift cards that they in turn, sell directly to the public through physical and digital retail environments. The ability to buy Bitcoin with gift cards was made possible, and the model perfected, by professionals at Pennsylvania, US-based BitCard®.

B2B BTC Gift Card Distributor

BitCard® implements a business-to-business Bitcoin gift card model in which BTC gift cards are supplied in bulk, to official BitCard® resellers who are encouraged to take the first step in establishing a relationship with the company by making contact through the online platform. Merchants and retailers are able to use the BitCard® model to create or enhance a revenue stream with Bitcoin gift cards. BTC gift cards are used by some merchants and e-commerce platforms as the basis of an attractive loyalty program that can be used to reward customers, employees, team members, and more. Official BitCard® BTC gift card resellers are able to furnish physical and/or digital outlets with Bitcoin gift cards.

Once individuals purchase BTC gift cards at the retail level, they are able to easily redeem the card for its value in Bitcoin. Upon redemption gift cards are made available for use immediately thereafter online, or at any of the thousands of physical locations that accept BitCard® Bitcoin gift cards globally.

A Simple Process To Start Offering Bitcoin Gift Cards

Businesses and companies that may be considering adding BTC gift cards to an existing loyalty or rewards program, or as an optional gift card alternative for its customer or member base, are able to get started with BitCard® through a simple process. Merchants who sign up with BitCard® through the online interface, are given access to a comprehensive sales management platform that gives business owners and managers a full array of metrics to stay up to speed with the health and progress of their very own BTC gift card program.

Over the course of the last year and a half or so BitCard® has managed to distribute just under a half a million BTC gift cards to its official partner resellers across the globe. It would seem that, even with recent bearish conditions seen across crypto and other financial markets in 2022, Bitcoin gift cards are expected to become an even more heavily sought implementation of the number one digital coin in the world. BitCard® continues the work of expanding its BTC gift card, and other blockchain-aligned products and solutions.

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