Does Crypto SEO Work in 2022?

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Having search engine presence is of vital importance across Web2 and e-Commerce, but what about the cryptocurrency industry? Does SEO for Crypto have a place in a Web3 marketing funnel, and how do crypto businesses go about executing a Search Engine Optimization strategy for crypto seed keywords?

The search engine landscape is drastically changing as a result of Web3. The recent partnership announcement between Coinbase and Google for cloud services is ultimately just the tip of the iceberg, with a vast array of changes to the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) landscape already underway – to align for crypto search. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and its relevance is no secret. Any legitimate business that intends to onboard new users, will have SEO factored into its digital marketing funnel.

Crypto SEO is arguably of even more importance to Web3 than it is for Web2 business. But why? Let’s dive in.

Most Users Will Start Their Crypto Journey Via Search Engines

This is an indisputable fact. ‘Normies’ will look to corroborate a buying decision for crypto products through search engines such as Google, DuckDuckGo, or Brave – with the latter starting to see an ever-increasing market share for search queries – especially with crypto users that are mindful of their privacy. 

Whether it’s looking into a token offering, finding an exchange in which to buy crypto, or to check bitcoin price among other cryptocurrencies – search engines are key to the customer buying journey. If your platform doesn’t have search engine exposure, you are missing out on a potentially vast amount of organic traffic. 

In an expanding blockchain landscape with the introduction of new projects and protocols on a daily basis, serving content effectively to bring new users to your proposition is more important than ever. There are over 15,000 active smart contracts, in which there are over 500 metaverse-aligned projects alone. If your project doesn’t rank, and bring new users consistently – it is destined for  failure. Fact of the matter is, 90% of crypto projects are set for failure. The 10% that do succeed, will do so due to high levels of organic traffic, contributed to by an effective SEO strategy.

It Is Difficult For Web3 Businesses To Run Effective Paid Ads

Most crypto Marketing Managers, Social Media Marketers and Search Engine Marketers will understand this ongoing pain point. Fact of the matter is, it’s difficult to run effective paid campaigns across both Meta and Google due to highly-restrictive terms and conditions around cryptocurrency products.

Google refers to these terms as their ‘Financial products and services policy’ of which lays out a complex set of rules that cryptocurrency businesses must follow, on a region-by-region basis. More often than not, a permit will be required to run ‘white-hat’ ads, with the permits then varying depending on local regulatory requirements. Meta has a very similar policy referred to as its ‘Advertising policy on Cryptocurrency products and Services’. These barriers to entry are very difficult – and sometimes impossible – to overcome for crypto or DeFi projects.

SEO however, is more laissez-faire. Anyone with a website can undertake an SEO strategy, but patience is of course key. SEO for crypto doesn’t have immediately-yielding results as seen in SEM, however the barriers to entry are somewhat broken down.

When Results Are Achieved, SEO Is Unrivaled For ROI

Put simply, there is nothing better than free clicks. 

Effective SEO is all about capturing the search intent of your ideal user persona, and when this comes to cryptocurrency businesses, a new user can equal thousands of dollars in purchases across an exchange or protocol, or buys of a native token. Cost per acquisition (CPA) is an important metric for digital campaigns, and can be considerably lowered once a website ranks on Page 1 within the organics.

When looking at specific case studies, there are examples in cryptocurrency that have utilized organic search as a primary source of traffic and in turn, revenue. Coinpresso, a web3 digital agency, have reported instances of SEO campaigns that attribute to over $16 million USD per week in conversions for their exchange clients. This showcases in a big way how SEO produces game-changing results for cryptocurrency businesses.

SEO also helps increase the performance of other digital campaigns too. Why run paid campaigns, if your website is invisible? A user will typically be exposed to an ad, and then corroborate the messaging of that ad through a search engine. Without having enough organic exposure to capture that potential new user, this can equal wasted ad spend.

So Yes, SEO Does Work For Crypto Businesses!

When looking at traffic potential, ROI, and barriers to entry with other digital solutions – SEO represents a more than viable element of a crypto marketing funnel. Not only does SEO help drive new users, but it also enhances the efforts of other campaigns including paid and social.

When choosing an agency to facilitate a crypto-focused SEO campaign for your business, it’s important to choose a team that understands Web3 inside-out. The vertical is so vast, with such an array of protocols and blockchains that in turn, make knowledge very important. The agency should be experts within both SEO and blockchain, as this is essential in attracting a user persona that is vastly different to Web2 industries. 

Some good agencies for Search Engine Optimization within blockchain include:

  • Coinpresso
  • Nisonco
  • Unik SEO

Get your crypto website out of the depths of Page 5 with a bespoke cryptocurrency SEO strategy.

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