GoCrypto presents truly contactless payments with a simple solution for merchants and buyers

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7 April 2020 — The recent events have rapidly changed the way we live, including our shopping habits. The Eligma company, specializing in advanced commerce solutions, tackles the issues of touch and checkout process speed at physical stores. Its GoCrypto system enables merchants to accept truly contactless mobile payments while the buyer maintains the safety distance throughout the checkout process. Scanning the purchase QR code with a mobile phone camera is all it takes.

Recent developments connected with COVID-19 have thoroughly changed our reality and entered every aspect of our lives, including our shopping habits. Our visits to local physical stores have become more rare, and we tend to buy more at once. This slows down the shopping process, and so does the choice of the payment method, which can also present a potential hazard in terms of contact while exchanging cash bills and change, entering PINs into card terminals and even touching the POS with a “contactless” payment card.

GoCrypto was developed by the Eligma company from Slovenia as a global payment solution. Present at more than 1300 locations and available in 13 different countries, GoCrypto relies exclusively on the use of mobile crypto wallets. At the cash register, the payment takes place by scanning the purchase QR code either on the cashier screen or a counter sticker.

In both cases, the customer can maintain safety distance. Since the shopper’s identification takes place in her or his phone, entering the PIN number in any of the merchant’s devices is not necessary.

The GoCrypto system enables merchants to accept direct crypto wallet payments while receiving the settlement in their local currency. So, there is no need for any crypto knowledge on the merchant side and at the same time merchants are not exposed to any cryptocurrency volatilities.

The Elly wallet, one of the wallets accepted at GoCrypto locations, for example, also enables the purchase of the digital value vouchers Euro Token through the SEPA order.

GoCrypto is quickly developing into a global payment scheme connecting crypto users, wallets and currencies with payment and cashier systems as well as merchants who would like to offer their buyers the opportunity to use crypto-wallets.

It is currently available in 13 different countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Czechia, Hungary, Slovakia, Switzerland, Romania, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Argentina, Venezuela, and Colombia.

Eligma’s CEO, Dejan Roljic, says:

“GoCrypto was developed to make use of the latest technologies like cryptocurrencies and bring their advantages to the mainstream. The present situation has highlighted their relevance, and the good news is that they are becoming increasingly available in daily life. If you would need to go out shopping, pay contactless with GoCrypto — it is much faster and more recommended for both you and the merchant health-wise.”

Some interesting facts about GoCrypto:

  • GoCrypto currency accepts payments with Elly and the Bitcoin.com Wallet (10 million users strong). The system comes in a variety of solutions, both for online and offline stores.
  • GoCrypto stands for most products and store categories. More than 140,000 different products can be bought through it – and counting.
  • Due to GoCrypto, Slovenia has become the country with the highest number of physical locations accepting crypto.
  • Eligma’s vision and GoCrypto as its realization are increasingly generating attention across the industry and landed Eligma on the list of 250 hottest crypto companies in the world.

About Eligma

The mission of Eligma is to make cryptocurrencies part of daily life and shopping. It developed GoCrypto, an infrastructure for accepting crypto payments at local and online shops; the merchant receives the settlement in the local fiat currency (e.g. euros). The option to accept crypto is also in development. GoCrypto supports payments with the Elly app and the Bitcoin.com Wallet. Eligma’s GoC token is available at Bitcoin.Exchange.com and tokens.net.


  • Visit the company’s websites at Eligma.com
  • Learn about the GoCrypto payment solution at GoCrypto.com
  • Learn about Elly, the all-in-one mobile payment crypto wallet at Elly.com
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