Why could GLBrain become a great solution to receive support during the crisis?

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To support smaller and medium-sized businesses during the ongoing crisis, GLBrain offers services cost-free for all Austrians. In case of success, the policy will apply to more communities around the globe. It is essential to strengthening local supply chains in times of need. All the functionalities and tools of GLBrain are designed to facilitate the formation of communities and sharing similar interests of all kinds. This intends to channel the power of the masses peacefully and openly to increase overall social and personal wellbeing.


GLBrain offers tools and applications for private users, businesses, organizations, and communities of any kind. A new way of the internet with content, profiles, and online mall and communication functions made to help its users to make their life and business and world better. GLBrain does not store the users’ data. Only the user decides what data to enter or to delete, with extensive and easy-to-use privacy settings. No user data is sold, processed, or distributed in any way, allowing users to enjoy total privacy and control of their data.

Businesses, as well as private users, may offer their products, services, jobs, and real estate on four virtual online floors on GLMall. This is the first of its kind complete online mall. GLMall offers a new way of doing online business by renting out online shop space and special packages.

GLMall offers unique features for easy creation and administration of offers with a unique feature of Geo Selection, allowing to define the geographical area the seller wants to address as well as the definition of transaction options. The same Geo Selection and transaction filters shall allow those who search for offers to use these filters. Jobs and real estate have a matching function showing real-time matches between those who offer and those who seek. GLMall will allow everyone who wants to improve their business to present their offers in a very focused and efficient way by renting out the online shop floor. It also will enable offerings of used goods and helps all communities in marketplace creation.

Besides the search engine, companies and organizations are offered various further options to lead an interested audience to their profile, where they present themselves, and what they offer. They may create any general content that is of interest to their customers—those customers then may find this company as authors or add company created content to their account. 

By using the paid tools, companies can create advertising banners for their online shop or any of their offers. They can select the geography of their target customers as well as the content of GLBrain content, where the banner should be shown. The smart solution now is that they can create and promote GLBrain content themselves to enhance interest in their banner or use any other content of the content categories they choose for the banner. All can be shared not only in GLBrain but also across all other social networks. Further, there will be a blogger tool available soon, where all who create content on GLBrain will be rewarded in GLB and be paid a substantial part of our revenue from such banners.

GLBrain’s MyLife and GLMall can also be used to administer all kinds of communities, employees, interested users, or customers. All can be clustered in different groups and lists, and from there, one can communicate with the whole group or single members of this group. All users can communicate through AI in their language, and all information like content and offers will show to all as per their language settings. This and the related communication can be kept confidential just by using the privacy settings.

IEO starts on 6/04.

More about the project:

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