Flipster Launches Ambitious “The Dragon’s Treasure” Trading Contest

Seven Weeks, Nine Competitions, and a Million Dollar Prize Pool

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  • Flipster has announced a seven-week trading competition series, “The Dragon’s Treasure,” with prizes totaling 1 million USDT.
  • Participants can engage in story-driven weekly challenges, enhancing the trading experience.
  • New users have the chance to earn up to 175 USDT in bonuses by joining the platform.
  • The company’s user base has inspired the creation of characters and worlds for each chapter of the campaign.
  • Amid a bearish market, Flipster has achieved remarkable growth with a 500% increase in users and a 4000% rise in trading volume.

Flipster, the rapidly growing crypto exchange, has unveiled its latest initiative to engage and reward its user base: “The Dragon’s Treasure” trading competition series.

Spanning seven weeks and encompassing nine distinct competitions, the series introduces a novel element to the trading experience by combining it with an overarching narrative and weekly story-driven challenges.

A New Chapter Unfolds Weekly

Each week of the competition series introduces traders to a new chapter, complete with its own tournament, character, and a unique world.

These elements are crafted based on the demographics and preferences of Flipster’s user community, ensuring a personalized and immersive experience.

As the weeks progress, the stakes get higher, with prize pools increasing culminating in the final round, which promises unprecedented rewards.

New Users Welcomed with Bonuses

As part of the campaign, Flipster is extending a warm welcome to newcomers. By signing up during the competition period, new users have the opportunity to earn bonuses up to 175 USDT, providing them with a head start in their trading journey.

Flipster’s Impressive Market Performance

Despite prevailing bearish sentiments in the crypto market, Flipster has made headlines with its impressive performance.

The platform has maintained a staggering 500% month-on-month growth in its user base, alongside a 4000% increase in trading volume, securing its place as a notable success story in June 2023.

About Flipster

Born out of Presto Labs, a leading crypto quant trading firm, Flipster is now recognized as the fastest-growing crypto exchange in the space.

The platform boasts an intuitive interface for crypto derivatives trading, offering up to 100x leverage on a selection of over 190 tokens.

Prospective traders and crypto enthusiasts can explore the offerings and start their trading journey at flipster.xyz.

Flipster’s innovative approach to gamifying the trading experience, combined with its robust platform performance, positions “The Dragon’s Treasure” as a campaign to watch in the coming weeks.


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