My Neighbor Alice Transitions to Chromia for Enhanced Gaming Experience

Popular blockchain game makes a strategic move to a more advanced platform

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  • My Neighbor Alice shifts from BNB Chain to Chromia, promising a better gaming experience.
  • Chromia’s relational blockchain design is expected to enhance Web3 gaming functionalities.
  • The Season 4 content release aligns with the game’s move to Chromia, introducing new features.
  • Chromia’s upcoming mainnet in 2024 will further expand the game’s capabilities and features.
  • Players can transfer their NFTs to Chromia without incurring gas fees and craft new Chromia NFTs.

My Neighbor Alice’s New Chapter

The blockchain-based game My Neighbor Alice has officially completed its migration from the BNB Chain to Chromia, stepping into a new phase of its gaming experience.

Inspired by the widely acclaimed Web2 games like Animal Crossing and Minecraft, My Neighbor Alice offers a fully on-chain gaming environment.

With its native ALICE token minted on Ethereum and NFT land plots originally on BNB Chain, the game has established a unique presence in the gaming community.

The Relational Blockchain Advantage

Chromia stands out as a relational blockchain that merges the decentralized nature of blockchain with the power of an enterprise-ready relational database.

This combination positions Chromia as an ideal platform for complex applications across various sectors, including business, entertainment, and gaming.

My Neighbor Alice’s Chief Technical Officer has expressed confidence that Chromia’s user-friendly approach is a significant improvement over other decentralized application platforms.

Season 4 Unveiled

In tandem with its migration, My Neighbor Alice has launched its Season 4 content package, providing players with new adventures and activities on the Chromia platform.

A bridge has been established, enabling players to move their NFT assets from BNB Chain to Chromia seamlessly and without gas fees.

This opens the door for players to craft exclusive Chromia NFTs using their migrated assets, enriching the gameplay.

A Glimpse into the Future with the Chromia Mainnet

Although My Neighbor Alice is currently operating on an appnet—a dedicated version of Chromia for specific decentralized applications—it gives a preview of the potential that will be fully realized with the Chromia mainnet launch planned for 2024.

The mainnet is anticipated to introduce a wealth of new features and capabilities, enhancing the platform’s overall utility and performance.

The updated roadmap released by the developers indicates the strategic importance of the mainnet launch.

My Neighbor Alice Transitions to Chromia for Enhanced Gaming Experience

The Benefits of the Big Move

The transition to Chromia is set to offer many benefits to the My Neighbor Alice community.

Players can look forward to an intuitive gaming experience that is both more engaging and user-friendly.

The ability to create new Chromia NFTs without paying gas fees is a significant perk, emphasizing the cost-efficiency and innovation that Chromia brings to the table.

Overall, the move is expected to open new avenues for players and solidify My Neighbor Alice’s position as a pioneer in the Web3 gaming space.


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