NewsFacebook's long-awaited Libra is Coming in January 2021

Facebook’s long-awaited Libra is Coming in January 2021


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In a more limited form, the Libra Association’s projects are being implemented. It will only launch a currency that will be linked to the dollar in a one-to-one ratio.

Facebook’s Libra digital currency could be released in the first month of 2021, but in an even more limited form, according to a report in the Financial Times, citing three people involved in the project.

Despite previous plans to create digital versions of various currencies, as well as a composite of all its currencies, the Libra Association will only launch one currency whose exchange rate will be linked to the dollar, in a one-to-one ratio, the report says, adding that other currencies will be introduced later.

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The following video by Bloomberg Technology sheds more light to Facebook’s plans about Libra.

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