Effortless Ways On How To Make More Business For Takeaways

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Every restaurant and takeaway owner aims to be successful in what they do. They continuously look for simple yet effective ways on how to make more out of their business while exerting less effort into it. And this is not because they’re just being lazy, but on the contrary, they value their time so much that they want everything that they do to be productive. 

With the continuous actively seeking of global consumers to ways that could keep up to the pace of their lifestyle, the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic, and the implementation of the new health and safety protocols, takeaway businesses are seen to be one of the businesses that could actually thrive and keep up with the pace. 

But the main question is, is it possible to maximize the potential of a takeaway business without doing more work and working with just what you already have? The answer is yes! You can definitely have more of your takeaway business by doing less work. Read along as this article talks about simple tips and some extra takeaways that can be utilized for a takeaway business. 

Effortless Ways On How To Make More Takeaway Business While Doing Less

In order to make a huge difference, everything starts from within. With a proper vision, comes an outstanding philosophy and healthy working culture. And through this, success will be just around the corner. Here are the most simple tips that could help a business make more.


There would be times that the fuel to operate the business will run out, especially if things aren’t going well, but owners have to continue serving their customers. That’s why it is important to identify where they’re passionate in order to increase the success level of their  takeaway. 

This does not necessarily have to be business or career-related, as long as they can find ways to do that one thing that will help them to keep showing up and pursue more, it’ll be enough for the business. 


Given the very competitive and fast-paced environment, running a takeaway may leave every owner feeling cornered. Finding ways on how to keep the customers interested and hooked on a brand is a challenging task. And having a goal to chase is one thing that would help anyone to get out of that rabbit hole. 

It is important to set major specific goals that’s big enough to get out of the comfort zone and specific enough to have clear action steps. Start writing down goals for the takeaway business and see how it would help the takeaway, as the whole team strives for it.


This applies to all the efforts that’s  been poured out for the takeaway business. Restaurateurs will be juggling different tasks such as marketing, sales, inventory management, and so on, without noticing how it affects the quality of their service. 

The 80/20 rule will help increase productivity, while increasing the quality of the service that’s been offered. The idea behind this principle is that the most important tasks (20%) covers and generates 80% of value in our lives. Same goes for a business, while every task is important and interconnected, it is important to pour the right energy and dedication to the tasks that matter most and find ways on how to efficiently do the remaining tasks. 


These productivity misbeliefs are often teaching on how to manage busyness and not increasing productivity. Restaurateur’s main goal should always be utilizing time for productivity and not just being trapped in doing things that don’t have a positive impact on their business. 

Practice prioritizing investing more to the tasks that help the takeaway, and see how an added attention would positively impact the whole business itself. 


Make sure that the next steps would always generate more results than expected. This is one way to positively maximize every effort given to a business. And this doesn’t have to be a huge step, it could just be learning a new skill or applying for a management class. This way, the skill or knowledge gained would be shared to the managers, and they will do the same to others as well. 

Extra Small Steps That Create A Huge Impact For TakeAway Businesses

Operating a takeaway business, any type of business in the Food and Service Industry, requires time, focus, dedication, and money. And as a restaurateur, it would be hard to have sufficient supply of those four at the same time.

There would be times that focus and dedication are in place but money is missing, or the money is sufficient but the spare time is not enough. Here are extra tips on how to maximize a takeaway business’ potential.


For sure before starting in a takeaway or restaurant, staff are already equipped with proper training and knowledge in food handling and food hygiene. But there would be times that they’ll be too technical and forget the basics, that’s why it is just understandable to provide them refreshers in order to keep them attached to their roots. 

Also, keep in mind that there’s a food hygiene rating to uphold. Make sure that the staff, old or new, won’t get rusty with their skillset.


It’s a takeaway business, online ordering is now a huge thing and having an online ordering system is great, now why would putting up signages still be important? Placement. Though there’s a huge population of online ordering customers, there is still part of the walk-by and drive-by traffic. Don’t miss out on those by not putting an effort into placing signages in front of the takeaway establishment. 


Create a profile for the takeaway and set up a tone on how you would like customers to perceive the brand. Take advantage of its free, cheap, and easy marketing features and enjoy the benefits of capturing customers while simply posting relevant content about the takeaway’s brand. 


Making a profitable menu for takeaways might not be easy, but at least it is just within the reach and is readily available. Conducting modifications on the menu by highlighting the food items, avoiding the usage of generic and common terms, positioning the products properly, and placing the price and food descriptions correctly are just some of the actionable ways to help the takeaway business maximize its menu also having an online ordering system for takeaway could help you for this. 


Reaching out to customers is now made more challenging with the lockdown and physical social distancing happening. Being able to communicate to customers in any way should be done by restaurant and takeaway owners in order to keep them interested in their brand. 

Increase online presence by being active in social media, complete a GMB profile, use distinctive packaging, provide deals and promos, create an effective e-marketing strategy, launch your own apps for takeaways, and connect to food bloggers and influencers with a proper connection to your existing demographics.

Those are just some of the ways on how to market a takeaway or restaurant by taking simple and easy steps. 

Final Takeaway

During this time, restaurateurs are stuck to wanting to improve their business but consciously keeping an eye on their resources. This article hoped that it has provided a solution to this dilemma and helped you to start powering up your own takeaway business. 

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