News Press Releases DAO.Casino Blockchain Announces The Launch of its TestNet 2.0

DAO.Casino Blockchain Announces The Launch of its TestNet 2.0


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UTC 12-14 (Monday 5th August 2019

DAO.Casino Blockchain, a blockchain startup that aims to revolutionize the gambling industry, announces the release of its Test Net 2.0.

The Test Net 2.0 introduces an optimized governance model and several new features, which includes the dynamic validator allocation and dedicated mechanism of vote staking.

With this new update, anyone can take part actively in the testing of the DAO.Casino Blockchain by being either a Delegator or a Validator. Accounts can be created, test tokens can be deposited/staked against the resources of Blockchain, and votes can be cast for nodes of Validator by users.

An opportunity is granted by TestNet 2.0 to become a node of Validator and participate in the process of block production while earning rewards of test token. All these features have been involved for allowing users to get to know the concepts of Blockchain better and be ready for the launch of its MainNet.

New Features for TestNet 2.0 Users

A significant number of optimizations have been included in TestNet 2.0 compared to the previous version asm TestNet 1.0, which is aimed at improving not only the performance but also the functionality of the Blockchain. Below are the new features which have been added in the latest release:

  • Vote as a resource type of dedicated staking utilized for the voting of Validator together with traditional bandwidth and CPU;
  • Validator nodes’ dynamic number on the basis of overall stake amount (from 21 to 100);
  • Sponsorship of transaction for offering a method of sponsoring the reservation of resources required for transactions which other accounts make. Organizations will be allowed to obtain new users easily by conducting different actions on the technology without considering the token deposits at the primary level.

Getting Started

Considering the predicted interest in this new release, detailed guides are being released by the project regarding how to carry out the process of testing.

Lesson for validators

DAO.Casino Blockchain Announces The Launch of its TestNet 2.0

Lesson for delegators

DAO.Casino Blockchain Announces The Launch of its TestNet 2.0

Being a part of the Blockchain is actually simpler than most of the users believe.

The following are some easy steps which individuals can follow to be a part of this disruptive game-changer:

1) Firstly, read the blog post.

Following this step will enable individuals to get a bird’s-eye view of the vision. It will also help them understand why DAO.Casino Blockchain is seen as the future of the gambling industry.

2) Secondly, validators should join the Telegram Chat Room.

According to the DAO.Casino Blockchain team, this is the most suitable place for asking questions and discussing anything associated with the DAO.Casino Blockchain.

3) Lastly, individuals that want more detailed information about the role of the Validator and the advantages they hold should do the following:

4) Interest individuals should keep it in mind that users must possess a minimum of 0.2 percent BET from the supply for starting. Here are some markets available for use.

Looking Ahead

The development process is continued by DAO.Casino and the team are consistently working hard on the implementation of new features into the existing system. TestNet 2.0’s release will create a way for the expected Main Launch and the deployment of Blockchain with its optimized features and functionality, which is sure to be a significant revolution in the industry of gaming.

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