NewsCryptocurrency Market and Cannabis Market Are Increasing to Multi-Billion...

Cryptocurrency Market and Cannabis Market Are Increasing to Multi-Billion Business


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The Cryptocurrency market is rapidly growing and in recent times we are witnessing growth thanks to its free peer-to-peer transactions, increase in the uses, and overseas remittance transfer.

The fluctuation in monetary regulations in different nations is also an advantage for the Cryptocurrency industry. Within a few years, it is expected to reach the multi-billion market but uncertainty and lack of regulations are some factors which are restraining users from accepting cryptocurrency.

On the other hand, the cannabis market has seen blasting growth in the last few decades. With several countries in the world legalizing weed in their region the business of pot industry has grown and it is expected to reach $66 billion by 2025.

A country like Canada has opened an online dispensary Canada which has established a legal distribution channel where people can buy weed online.

Well, there are little similarities between cannabis and Cryptocurrency market. But the one similarity that we can draw out is that people are hesitating to adopt these things at present.

The concept of Cryptocurrency emphasized on the decentralizing monitoring of transactions. In this transaction process, miners validate the transactions performed by other users and this process will require high computing power so the hardware segment may hold a larger share of the global cryptocurrency market.

Similarly, scientists and researchers are doing a lot of studies to dig out several more benefits of cannabis. Currently, there are lots of products in the market such as kief, edibles, etc. The medical uses of cannabis have increased the growth of the marijuana industry than its recreational use.

Many states in the US have legalized marijuana only for medical purpose and many pharmaceutical companies are manufacturing medicines using the compound called CBD from cannabis. 

The only thing that is restraining the more growth of these markets is that people still know the facts and powers of what these industries have to offer. People fear that keeping their fortunes into digital currency can be hacked or can be erased by computer but with more empowering technologies virtual vault is going to be stronger than those advanced Svalbard Global Seed Vaults.

In the last few years, the number of merchants who accept cryptocurrency has increase and multi-billion dollars earning gambling industry has started accepting the digital currency. People need to understand that more popular it becomes, more regulations, security, and government scrutiny it is likely to attract. Similarly, still, people are unaware of the several medicinal benefits of cannabis.

It is believed to treat several medical conditions like cancer, anxiety, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, increase appetite just like turinabol, and several other neurological conditions. Legalization of marijuana has led to a lot of space for studies and researches regarding the benefits of cannabis as well as harmful effects of it in long-term use. Such things are anticipated to drive the demand for medical marijuana in the future. 

Both industries are steadily increasing. Even though the business of cannabis is much higher than that of Cryptocurrency but awareness and significant use of it will drive people to the acceptance of digital currency in the future. With more technologies and more security, the demand and market of Cryptocurrency are expected to reach $2 billion by 2022 and the awareness about cannabis benefits will increase the market even more in the next decade.


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