CoinBurp Taps DAO Governance To Take NFTs and DeFi Mainstream

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The CoinBurp DeFi and NFT wallet is now available in Alpha. This marks another crucial step toward making the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry more accessible. With its easy-to-use user interface, excellent user experience, and overall versatility, the wallet is a vital tool for millions of users. 

Combining DeFi And NFTs

As two of the hottest trends in crypto today, Decentralised Finance (DeFi) and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are taking the world by storm. Unfortunately, the landscape to access these products and services is fractured, lacking interoperability.

Instead of being an open ecosystem, the clunky and awkward user interfaces usually turn away newcomers rather than welcoming them.

The Alpha version of CoinBurp’s DeFi and NFT wallet enables users to store and send Ethereum-based assets. Unlike other wallets however, the CoinBurp DeFi and NFT wallet offers some surprising benefits. First up, there will be the option to win rare and valuable NFTs from an exclusive list of partners through a raffle system.

Additionally, there will soon be a generative NFT loyalty program with the help of leading names in the space, including NFT Boxes, Sandbox.Game, and Avastars. With the help of these partners, all of the NFTs have a variable rarity, 

Advancing The CoinBurp Ecosystem

The DeFi and NFT wallet by CoinBurp is currently in its Alpha stage, yet the team is already looking toward the future. With an ambitious roadmap in place, the focus on NFTs and DeFi will only become more apparent.

Letting users buy and store NFTs from popular marketplaces through fiat currencies is just one example of what will be in store. This approach does not just pertain to digital collectibles and art either: CoinBurp wants to provide exposure to in-game NFTs, putting a spotlight on that industry. 

CoinBurp Taps DAO Governance To Take NFTs and DeFi Mainstream

To empower holders of CoinBurp’s native $BURP token even further, CoinBurp will maintain a DAO governance model. Putting the community in the driver’s seat to help shape the ecosystem’s future and its services brings value to token holders. The additional token use cases, including staking, earning rewards, or paying fees with the token, should not be overlooked either. 

Introducing a DAO system, to empower the community and using NFTs to highlight this technology’s potential, paves the way for a more seamless experience, capable of accommodating the needs of both novice and advanced users.  

NFT Appeal Keeps Growing

Over the past few months, there has been tremendous interest in NFTs. Per CoinGecko, the NFT market cap has surpassed $26 billion recently and continues to grow.  

Projects building a solid infrastructure to bring value to their native token often tend to perform well. As CoinBurp partnered with some of the biggest industry players – including Avastars, NFT Boxes, and – there is a lot of potential to unlock. 


The NFT and DeFi space are still in the early stages of development. When projects want to bridge the gap between these two industries to provide a more seamless user experience for everyone, the industry will reach a new level of mainstream adoption.  It is also positive to see the focus change to a DAO-based governance model over traditional models that do not empower users in a meaningful manner. A DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization, runs autonomously without the need for centralised decision-making. Instead, it empowers all users of that ecosystem to vote on proposals, make decisions, and determine the future of the project. 

The introduction of fiat support for NFT buying and selling represents another industry milestone. Providing more fiat on and off-ramps is a crucial part of making this industry more accessible to newcomers. 

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