Bridgerr Tech Announces Launch of High-Tech NFT Analytics Platform That Will Help Investors Find High Quality & Undervalued NFTs

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As more and more NFTs enter the market, it can be difficult for investors to choose wisely when data isn’t always accessible. Bridgerr’s primary focus is building an NFT Analytics platform that is available for all levels of investors while ensuring on/off-chain data is represented meaningfully. Bridgerr aims to be an industry leading platform for analysis and discovery of profitable NFT collections.  

Alberta, Canada – March 20, 2022, Bridgerr Tech has officially announced this week the launch of their new NFT Analytics platform that is expected to disrupt the NFT marketplace for data modeling and interpretive tools. As investors flock to NFTs, a platform like Bridgerr is sorely needed.

The Bridgerr platform will help investors to identify profitable NFTs, and more importantly, give them access to vital data for them to make a well-informed decision before purchasing an NFT. 

Bridgerr’s NFT Analytics platform allows investors to track any changes in on-chain data including mints, sales, volume surges, and listing prices of specific NFTs. Hybrid filters and smart alerts can also be used, such as finding specific NFTs by rarity and trait features that are selling below market value.

These alerts are then sent directly to the user’s mobile, email or the Bridgerr dashboard. Another important feature is the ability to track profitable NFT traders in the space, in order to see what collections have returned the highest yield.

During a recent interview, the company spokesperson for Bridgerr Tech was quoted as saying, “Bridgerr understands the importance of off-chain data integration like sentiment analysis (qualitative) factors that must be considered when investing in any project.

We believe that an NFT project’s success is a combination of multiple factors – on-chain metrics like initial mint price, volume and supply & demand, but also social metrics such as hype, doxxed project founders and even niche crypto culture.

Is the collection meme-like, are apes still in vogue, is there a buzz on crypto Twitter? Sometimes stats are not always black and white, and the Bridgerr platform takes the full picture into account.”

Bridgerr’s primary focus is building a dashboard that is available for all levels of investors while ensuring on/off-chain data is represented meaningfully. By running a full Ethereum node, they are able to track any ERC-721 contract and observe changes in on-chain trends as they occur. At launch, there will be many statistical analysis tools and features at the users’ disposal, including: 

  • NFT Power House: Analyze volumes, holder distributions and unique buyers down to a granular level with every historical data point accounted for. 
  • Holders: Track top whale wallet activity and see what other projects they’re aping into. Emulate their success. 
  • Rarity: Deadly accurate rarity rankings immediately as metadata becomes available post-minting. Snipe the floor listed rares. (Find the equivalent of a cheaply listed 1st edition Pokémon Charizard card)
  • Hype: Interpret social media and community growth metrics as they are drivers of price and can even outweigh base utility. Don’t let the hype train leave the station before getting in. 
  • Smart Money: Follow realized profits from the most successful NFT traders and let Bridgerr provide the rails for building a successful digital asset portfolio. 
  • Minting Insights: This is the long-awaited feature for those that have often wondered how successful a projects’ mint was. Bridgerr will break it down for the user with pre-mint & post-mint statistics. 
  • Smart Alerts: Set alerts for transfers, mints, price sensitive listings, rare traits & more with push notifications to the user’s device, Bridgerr dashboard or email. 

The all-new Bridgerr platform is highly disruptive for the NFT industry and has the potential to create huge ROI for investors looking to separate the good projects from the bad.

In addition to their platform, Bridgerr is growing their Alpha Bridgerr Discord group to be full of critical thinkers/investors/big brains in the NFT space for: early calls, war room decisions, live-mint streams and more.

Bridgerr Tech Announces Launch of High-Tech NFT Analytics Platform That Will Help Investors Find High Quality & Undervalued NFTs

To pair with the launch of their platform, Bridgerr will be releasing a Genesis Member Lifetime Pass NFT as the owners’ ticket for unlocking their full suite of current and future tools.

For the latest announcements, feature sneak-peeks, and details regarding Whitelist requirements for their upcoming Genesis Member Lifetime Pass NFT which comes with loads of benefits – stay tuned to their Discord Server. 

Join their Discord now by visiting and follow them on Twitter @bridgerrtech.

Visit their official website at

Media Contact:

Bridgerr Tech
Alberta, Canada
[email protected] 

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