Blacklisted online casino sites: Why do online betting sites get blacklisted

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One would ask ‘but why do online betting sites get blacklisted?’. In this article we take a look at the main reasons behind the blacklisting of such online casinos. Casinos with the sole intention to scam and fraud players and run away with their deposits usually offer one or more of the following negative experiences.

No response from customer care

These online casinos will not care about the wellbeing of their pool of players and are not there to listen, handhold and help their users.  Most of the time, these casinos will not have any contact details of their customer care – in most cases their customer care department would be inexistent.

When on an online casino, customer care features are not clearly displayed, this should raise a red flag and we suggest that you do not deposit any funds on such casinos.  Another point which should ring alarm bells is complaints not followed up by the casino.

Licence revocation or suspension

In case the online casinos do not adhere to the regulatory framework of the authority of the jurisdiction of which they are licence holders, the authority will issue a number of warnings and if problems persist it will move on to suspend the licence and ultimately if no real corrective action is taken by the casino the licence is revoked on permanent basis.

Our suggestion here is to first and foremost check that the online casino has a licence and also check the respective authority’s official website to see the list of suspended licences.  Avoid playing on unlicensed casinos or platforms with suspended licences.

Winnings not paid out

Casinos set up with malicious intent usually do not honour winning payouts.  In addition, other dodgy casinos or others that are encountering cashflow problems tend to pay their players very late.

Casinos that run away with winners’ money will eventually be clamped down by the licensor and have its licence revoked.  Scam casinos are not licences and can misplace your winnings – so always avoid sign-ups at such casinos.  Report casinos that do not pay your winnings to the relevant authority… the money is yours, and you have the right to collect them!

Insecure site

If the casino site is not secure with the latest technology features then the chances are that the casino is an organised scam.  Data collected via these scam sites can end up in, for example, long mailing lists that are used for phishing.  Always check out the policies the website has published on it and take a look at basics such as having a valid web domain certificate.  Google tends to pinpoint insecure sites to help users avoid negative online experiences.

No proper compliance

The serious casinos fight money laundering and terrorist funding by carrying out thorough KYC checks.  They ask for official documentation such as an Identity Card, Passport or Driving licence.  The identity of the registered player is verified at onboarding stage (i.e. during sign-up) and subsequently serious casinos monitor the behaviour of their client base. If a casino does not carry out any of the aforementioned checks then the chances are that they do not mean business.

Most of the regulatory frameworks behind casino operating licences legally require AML / CFT checks to be successfully done on every player and subsequent transaction.  In summary we recommend that you avoid registering and evermore depositing money in casinos that do not effect these checks.

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