Top 10 Emerging Technologies Worth Investing in 2021

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The year 2021 and beyond will see technologies play a crucial role in every aspect of our lives. The next level of technology is already making an entry, and these technologies, termed ’emerging technologies,’ are bound to accelerate and play a greater role in the future.

The pace of digitization is creating new opportunities in the market and is strengthening governance, insights, and business processes across all levels of a business.

But which emerging technology is here to stay, and will it be the right time to invest in it? Seasoned investors always find opportunities that have the potential to provide exceptional returns.

So, are you still wondering how to become an angel investor and start your journey in investments? 

If you are looking to find opportunities worth investing in, here is a look at the top 10 emerging technologies that can play a major role in the time to come and show high potential.

Artificial Intelligence

Although AI has always been one of the most talked-about technology, it is now that the technology can show its true potential. The capabilities of AI have been advancing in several business areas.

Not only are a great number of industries now adopting the technology, but many frontrunners in their space are also already showcasing positive results leveraging the power of advanced technologies and AI.

The global market of AI is expected to reach $190 billion by 2025 and will play a crucial role in future strategies.

Autonomous Vehicles and EV

The future is electronic, and the push for electric mobility has already seen rapid adoption across geographies. The increasing efficiency and opportunities in the electric vehicle space have made even the top automobile brands notice.

Several EV variants are now hitting the market, with EV charging stations becoming a key area for business investment.

With governments worldwide supporting the move to electric, the market has seen a huge jump in the EV automobile sector and related companies that are focused on electric batteries, green power, and materials used in electric vehicles.

Moreover, autonomous vehicles will create a new wave of change as commercial and private transport adopts this change. This is predicted to cause significant disruption and help to reduce costs of public transport, making it a technology to watch out for!

IoT & Biometric Sensors

Technology use in manufacturing, healthcare, and other sectors has increased significantly. With the increasing use of machines, industries are looking for added avenues to understand real-time insights better and communicate with machines.

IoT (Internet of Things) and biometric sensors have seen a surge in demand since the pandemic, and this is not just in healthcare.

Manufacturing is using sensors to gain critical information and communicate effectively with multiple devices. Meanwhile, telehealth is booming, gaining access to patient information to help remote healthcare and monitoring.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Gartner predicts blockchain to create $3.1 trillion in new business by 2030, and we already see its implementation in several areas. The cryptocurrency boom has been a frontrunner in this, helping propel this technology, but industries are using blockchain for financial transactions, business records, and other demands.

With a larger number of businesses now contemplating accepting cryptocurrency as a payment option, the importance and value of this technology are only increasing.

5G Technology

Speed is now critical for businesses and consumers, as the use of the internet and high-speed streaming is seeing huge growth. Mobile connectivity in the 21st century is all about the fastest cellular network technology and high reliability.

5G or fifth-generation connectivity is now creating the next digital revolution and is ripe for investment. 5G requires investment to increase its reach and connect multiple devices to share and get access to ultra-fast speeds, enhancing infrastructures for business and cities.

Edge Computing

Edge computing is a distributed computing network near the physical location of where the data is being accessed, instead of a centralized server or cloud.

The technology sees huge potential as it provides operational efficiency, advanced safety and ensures business processes are always available. The market is predicted to reach USD 7.96 billion in 2021, growing at a CAGR of 32.6% from 2016.

Distributed Cloud

Cloud computing has always been around, and we’ve seen great potential in technology recently. Distributed computing will take it a step further, allowing cloud services to be located outside the cloud provider’s physical data centers but still controlled by the provider.

This enables data centers to be located anywhere, addressing key issues like latency, regulatory challenges, and others.

Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR)

Real-world experiences are now shifting, as humans are spending a huge amount of time indoors. Immersive computer-generated world using Virtual Reality (VR) will see a huge push, along with Augmented Reality (AR). We are already witnessing brands leveraging these technologies for multiple use cases.

Customers can try on clothes and see how they fit in the virtual environment, while we can even buy furniture online and, using VR check how it will look in your home before you make a choice.

AR is predicted to be $77 billion in market size by 2025, thanks to remote working also creating virtual training systems. 

Top 10 Emerging Technologies Worth Investing in 2021
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Natural Language Processing

AI, chatbots, and voice assistants are now a part of our daily lives, and we can see almost every organization leveraging it in various business areas. Natural Language Processing (NLP) will bring in more opportunities as machines use deep learning and analysis to understand text or voice commands.

Although this is far from human-level comprehension, the updates in this sphere show huge potential.


Remote working and an increasingly digital future have opened up a huge threat for cyberattacks. Hackers and cybercriminals employ various tactics to gain critical information, and data security is going to play a major role in the time to come.

With malware, phishing, ransomware, and other attacks increasing, investments to protect and secure critical data will only increase, as businesses have to make sure private, financial, and other data is protected from outside threats.

Conclusion: Sky is the limit for emerging technologies!

Technology in today’s world is an invaluable asset, and the huge innovations and advancements in this sector are only going to go higher.

As technology helps businesses increase efficiency, streamline processes and automate tasks, companies leveraging this technology will raise their market value and increase profitability.

So now is a great time to be investing in these rapidly evolving emerging technologies. However, be sure to make smart investing decisions and always be informed of the trends and developments in the industry.

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