Swedish Crypto Fraudster Roger Karlsson Arrested in Thailand over $11m Scam

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On June 18, a Swedish man named Roger Nils-Jonas Karlsson was captured by Thailand’s Central Investigation Bureau police for multi-million dollar misrepresentation on the Island of Koh Chang, Thailand. Being in Interpol Red Warrant Issued by US Authorities, Karlsson was blamed for conniving with 12 others to cheat a huge number of unfortunate victims by means of digital currency sites.

As per a criminal grievance documented on March 4, 2019 and unlocked on June 19, Karlsson and his organization, Eastern Metal Securities (EMS), were accused of protections misrepresentation, wire extortion and tax evasion in a plan to dupe potential financial specialists of more than $11 million. 

Back in September 2006, Karlsson supposedly utilized sites to welcome potential financial specialists to buy gold venture items that would give the speculators a 450-overlap return. So as to tempt the speculators to go out on a limb, Karlsson swore to come back to them 97 percent of the sum they contributed if things went poorly arranged. 

The complaint further depicts how Karlsson utilized another site, www.hci25.com to acquire the financial specialists HCI25 together with the speculators in the PFRPP and presented various interchanges on postpone the minute speculators would acknowledge there would be no payout. Karlsson likewise erroneously spoken to that EMS was working with the U.S. Protections and Exchange Commission to set up the route for a payout. Trusting bitcoin would make it difficult to follow him down.

As indicated by the complaint,

“…the government found no evidence of any accounts held by Karlsson that would allow him to pay off the investors. Instead, the complaint alleges, the funds provided by victims were transferred to Karlsson’s personal bank accounts and now appear to be tied up in real estate in Thailand.”

Roger Karlsson and his organization, Eastern Metal Securities (EMS), are accused of protections misrepresentation, wire extortion, and illegal tax avoidance. Karlsson purportedly figured out how to get around 3,575 casualties of more than $11 million to make investments on Bitcoin. Karlsson then closed down the site and escape to Koh Chang Island in Thailand where he has lived with his Thai spouse for a long time. 

Whenever indicted, the respondent faces a most extreme sentence of 20 years in jail and a greatest $250,000 fine for the wire extortion and protections misrepresentation charges, and 20 years in jail and a $500,000 greatest fine for the illegal tax avoidance charge. Presently, the U.S. specialists are attempting to send Karlsson back in the Northern District of California to face preliminary charges.


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