Robert Kiyosaki: Bitcoin, gold, silver and oil are good news for those who know that inflation is permanent

Famous author of 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' sees Bitcoin as a reserve of value

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Robert Kiyosaki reacted to the rise in the price of bitcoin (BTC), which last week increased its value by 20%, breaking the psychological barrier of USD 20,000. Regarding this, the famous author of the financial book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad“, said that good news had arrived for those who know that inflation is permanent.

In a Twitter post, Kiyosaki also talked about gold, silver and oil, which have remained on the rise, although with less strength than that reflected by bitcoin.

In that sense, the personal finance speaker makes it clear that he considers these commodities and BTC as reserves of value. This, because by holding bitcoin, people’s wealth is usually protected and will likely increase over time, as is recorded in the historical graph of the cryptocurrency’s price.

“Bitcoin, gold, silver and oil are rising in price. Good news for those who know that inflation is permanent…now systemic…not transitory. Bad news for the uninformed, the poor, the middle class…anyone who thinks Biden cares about them and their families. Biden doesn’t care about you.”

Bitcoin maintained an upward trend since January 1 after bidding farewell to 2022 with a price of USD 16,537. Subsequently it had a sudden price spike following news on January 13, that there was a modest pullback in US year-on-year inflation from 7.8% to 7.1% in the month of December.

Robert Kiyosaki
– Rich Dad, Poor Dad Author, Robert Kiyosaki

Although the data indicates the cooling of inflation in the United States, and there is growing expectation that the Federal Reserve will ease interest rate hikes, Kiyosaki makes it clear that he does not believe that the decline in the inflation rate will be sustained for long.

For him, inflation is “systemic”, that is, it is not transitory because it is already part of the traditional financial system.

For this reason, for some time Kiyosaki has been warning about the importance of protecting wealth by buying bitcoin. His assessments, about the future that awaits humanity, are in line with the views of the main economists of the World Economic Forum, who expect a global recession by 2023.

In fact, many of these economists believe that bitcoin should be in the recipe with which humanity can face the coming crisis.

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