Cardano’s Team Preparing to Unleash Sidechain Toolkit, Targeting Solana and Interoperability

Cardano's Sidechain Toolkit to Improve Ecosystem and Drive Mass Adoption

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The team behind the Cardano ecosystem is preparing to release a software toolkit that will allow developers to develop sidechains customized on top of Cardano, with the goal of improving the ecosystem.

The toolkit is expected to be released towards the end of January.

The news was announced on January 12 by Input Output Global (IOG), a blockchain engineering company founded by, Charles Hoskinson and formerly known as Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK).

Tests are being conducted

IOG developers have already used the toolkit to build a public test sidechain network compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) as a “proof of concept”.

Once testing is complete, anyone will be able to develop decentralized applications, create smart contracts and move tokens between test chains.

Also, the toolkit will allow side-chain creators to choose their own consensus mechanism, as from other application-specific features.

The sidechain

A sidechain is an independent blockchain that operates alongside the parent blockchain, often referred to as a mainnet. Sidechains seek to add scalability to the mainnet, which often prioritizes decentralization and security.

Learn more what sidechains are here.

Hopes for mass adoption

IOG hopes that the development of sidechains will pave the way for mass adoption in the Cardano ecosystem, with the creation and integration of several other chains into the ecosystem.

Targeting Solana

Among the “partner chains” that Hoskinson would like to see in Cardano is Solana, As he recently stated, Cardano could leverage Solana’s network speed, while Solana could benefit from Cardano’s infrastructure and security.

The Cardano community was thrilled

The news has excited the Cardano community, as they believe it is an excellent move. However, the IOG noted that the toolkit will not be a “complete solution”:

“There are some areas that need improvement, such as bridges, the SPO reward mechanism and the security model. All of these areas will be worked on in collaboration with the community as we move forward carefully and steadily.”

Improving interoperability

In addition to the side-chain improvements, the protocol will soon introduce parallel accounting styles to improve interoperability in the Cardano ecosystem.

As a reminder, Cardano successfully completed a major upgrade last September called VASIL, which made smart contracts deployment on the network more efficient and allows decentralized applications to run at lower cost.

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