InterActive Review, โ€“ย  Is InterActive Scam or Legitimate? A Broker that Meets Every Criteria

A Broker that Meets Every Criteria.

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There has been a massive increase in the number of brokers offering their services online due to the heavier footfall in the financial markets.

It is true that having more options is great because it allows you to find a platform that meets your criteria, but there are also downsides. The more options means you are more likely to be bogged down because every other platform seems like the right choice.

If you are having trouble navigating the many platforms that exist nowadays, I suggest you check this InterActive review.

InterActive Review, โ€“ย  Is InterActive Scam or Legitimate? A Broker that Meets Every Criteria

It highlights the primary offerings of the Inter Active broker that has become one of the most well-known platforms in the market. You can learn more about it in this review.

Fuss-free registration

When you look at the registration process on the trading platform, it is good to see that it is very straightforward. A fuss-free registration process is undoubtedly a blessing because it allows you to open an account quickly and start trading in the financial markets of your choice.

The problem is that most of the platforms that exist in the market have extensive requirements as part of their registration process, which can be extremely complicated and difficult to deal with.

No one wants to spend a great deal of time filling out forms and providing sensitive documents and you do not have to do so with the InterActive broker. It has a single form on the website that needs only basic information like your name, email, and country and phone number. They do not ask you to wait for any kind of approval and your account is registered right away.

Portfolio expansion opportunities

It is a given that anyone venturing into the online trading space wants to make money. The financial markets can give high returns, but they also carry high risks that you need to mitigate.

Portfolio expansion and diversification is how you can accomplish this task. This means spreading your investment across various asset classes to set off profits and losses.

The issue is that not many platforms offer you the ability to do so and this is where the InterActive trading platform hits different.

You will find plenty of portfolio expansion opportunities available on the platform. This can save you from having to sign up on different platforms to diversify your portfolio and you can use one account for doing it.

The broker has added some of the top assets from every financial market to appeal to every trader. You can find forex currency pairs, stocks, commodities, indices and even cryptocurrencies at your disposal here and add as many as you want to your portfolio for mitigating the trading risks and maximizing the trading returns.

Horde of payment solutions

When you are trading online, you have to make deposits in your account for investment purposes and withdraw your profits later.

This means the payment solutions offered to you are highly relevant because they determine just how easy or complex it is for you to make your deposits and withdrawals.

This is where the InterActive trading platform proves to be accommodating because they offer a variety of payment methods to choose from, allowing you to pick a convenient one.

Some traders prefer conventional methods that might take some time, but offer greater security, such as bank wire transfers.

If you are looking for better choices, you can use credit and debit cards, as the InterActive broker supports both VISA and MasterCard options. Those who prefer the modern touch can go with online payment solutions, such as Skrill and Neteller for making their payments.

You are free to decide how to make your payments and since the broker uses encryption, your financial data also remains safe.

In addition, the InterActive trading platform is also AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know-Your-Customer) compliant. This means that all accounts created are verified through proof of identity and proof of residence.

There are no fake accounts on the platform that can be used for conducting illegal and nefarious activities, such as money laundering, financial fraud and even identity theft. Only accounts that are verified are allowed to make deposits and withdrawals.

Is scam or legit?

When you are opening an account on any online trading platform, it is natural to worry because of the scam stories you have heard about.

But, as far as the Inter Active broker is concerned, I can reassure you that I personally verified their offerings and services to confirm whether they are authentic or not and did not find any issues that would say otherwise.

Final Thoughts

Add in a capable trading platform, demo trading feature and competitive trading conditions to the details in this InterActive review and the broker shows that it can fulfill any criteria and cater to the requirements of every trader. And If you want to check more legit brokers, you can do it here.


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