Elon Musk Gears Up for Payment Services on Social Media Platform X

Launch Set for Mid-2024 Amidst Regulatory Hurdles

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  • Elon Musk aims to introduce payment services on social media platform X by mid-2024.
  • Musk is currently awaiting the approval of several money transmitter license applications.
  • Cryptocurrency use on X remains uncertain, with no confirmation of integration by Musk.
  • Musk’s AI project, Grok, is being developed with a focus on humor, capable of delivering vulgar roasts.
  • Musk’s other ventures, such as The Boring Company, are already accepting Dogecoin as payment.

Tech entrepreneur Elon Musk has announced his intentions to roll out payment services on his social media platform, X, by mid-2024.

The ambitious plan has been slightly delayed due to extensive bureaucratic processes.

Despite the setback, Musk is optimistic, as he awaits the green light from regulators on the pending money transmitter license applications.

Regulatory Roadblocks

While the process is in motion, the X team has acknowledged that they have been late in filing some necessary documents, which has contributed to the delay.

Despite the hurdles, Musk is confident that there are no significant barriers that might result in the rejection of their applications.

Cryptocurrency Uncertainties

The integration of cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin and Bitcoin has been a topic of speculation among crypto enthusiasts.

However, Musk has not confirmed any plans to incorporate these digital assets into the platform’s payment system.

Although Musk’s companies have shown support for cryptocurrencies in the past, with Tesla holding Bitcoin and accepting Dogecoin for merchandise, Musk himself has expressed a general indifference toward the asset class.

Musk’s AI Aspirations

In the realm of artificial intelligence, Musk is steering his AI project, Grok, towards becoming the funniest large language model available.

He envisions AI as an efficient tool for resource allocation, with the potential to transform how we manage and distribute resources.

Musk’s Broader Ventures

Beyond social media, Musk’s other business ventures are also dabbling in cryptocurrency. The Boring Company has started accepting Dogecoin for rides on its Las Vegas transit system.

Musk is scheduled to discuss his views on AI, Bitcoin, and other topics with Cathie Wood from ARK Invest, further highlighting his engagement with innovative technologies.


As Musk continues to push the boundaries of technology and finance, the industry watches closely. His plans for payment services on X’s platform, coupled with his ventures into AI and cryptocurrency, create a multifaceted approach to innovation.

The outcome of these endeavors could shape the future of digital payments, social media, and beyond.


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