How the bearish market climate is affecting cryptocurrencies

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The situation in the financial markets is currently not easy for most investors. In June we officially entered a bear market, the S&P 500 index fell again and investors are being hurt once again.

The cryptocurrency market, which as an asset was supposed to be resilient to global influences, also experienced a record decline. The company ProfitLevel explores the choices of current investors.

The US stock market is suffering, a fall in the S&P 500 index on 13 June confirmed the existence of a bear market for the first time since March 2020. The reasons for this are clear, high inflation, concerns about future economic developments and last but not least the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

The benchmark S&P 500 index fell 3.9% at the start of the week, taking it to a level 21.8% below the record closing high of January 3. This rapid decline of 20% from the highs confirms that the bear market is here.

Alternative investments

In some times like these, cryptocurrencies were supposed to be lifesavers, but they are not. The “ship” with this type of asset is currently sinking faster than expected.

However, it is doubtful that cryptocurrencies will return to their former values again. We have seen high volatility in the past with Bitcoin, which then rebounded, but it should be clear to everyone that cryptocurrencies are indeed a risky and volatile investment.

This is why real estate investments are coming to the forefront today, and we should also be cautious with this alternative as prices could start to fall.

In California, the value of luxury real estate has already started to fall. U.S. luxury home sales fell 17.8% year-over-year during the quarter ending April 30.

This is the biggest fall since the coronavirus pandemic and there are concerns about whether the fall will gradually spread to cheaper properties and then the trend may spread to Europe.

Tourism on the rise during the summer

After two years of pandemic, tourism is on the rise and many destinations are expecting an increased influx. Thus, airlines could also come to the fore and stock values could trend upward, at least during the summer.

For example, United Airlines reported a jump in global travel demand. This was helped by the removal of the 17-month requirement in the US that airline passengers arriving in the country must be tested for COVID-19. Thus, airline stocks may be an interesting option in a period of market decline.

Energy and commodities at the top

Energy commodities appear to be expanding strongly and the energy sector is the only one that has maintained an upward trend. Despite early growth positions, it is questionable whether it is the right time to invest capital in this sector, as many experts warn that the commodities market is already overvalued, while others say that in the coming months, oil, for example, will still be on the rise.

Globally, it is really hard to predict which investment commodity will rise during a bear market. However, historically speaking, we can say that in the long run, in 10 to 20 years, most company stocks always returned to higher levels

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