Elon Musk forces Twitter board to share bot information in court

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Twitter announced earlier this week that it wanted to force through the courtroom that Elon Musk would still take over the company for the agreed upon $44 billion.

What they didn’t expect at Twitter is that a lawsuit is exactly what Elon Musk has been hoping for all along.


In the above tweet published by Musk on Monday, he summarizes the story in four simple images. “First they said I couldn’t buy Twitter. Then they didn’t want to share information about the number of fake accounts. Now they want to force me through the courtroom to buy Twitter. By doing so, they are forcing themselves to reveal the bot information in court,” said a Musk who can’t hold back his laughter.

Pranay Pathole immediately responds to Musk’s message with the observation that it is impossible that 95 percent of Twitter accounts involve real people. “My notifications are full of fake, spam and bot accounts promoting crypto. Twitter needs to open-source its data and be transparent with its users. Transparency increases trust”, says Pathole in response to Musk.

Not long after his first post, Musk published a photo of actor Chuck Norris sitting behind a chessboard with the caption “Chuckmate.” By which Musk means to indicate that he has worked Twitter into the position he had hoped for some time. It looks like the Twitter-Musk saga is going to have another interesting tail.

Crypto-Twitter makes its presence felt

Musk’s earlier decision to call off the deal was seen primarily as a negative development by the crypto community. After all, Musk has a penchant for Dogecoin and owns decent amounts of bitcoin with his companies Tesla and SpaceX as well as personally. With Musk at the helm of Twitter, there is therefore a chance that the social-media giant will also do something with crypto.

One idea Musk publicly toyed with is to let people verify their accounts for a small payment in a currency of their choice. By a currency of choice, he literally meant that people get to decide (for the most part) which fiat currency or crypto currency they want to use. Although the choices will probably be somewhat limited to coins that turn a certain volume.

After Musk’s latest tweets, the chances of a deal have increased again, which is a positive development for crypto. Twitter is a huge platform and indisputably plays a big role in the digital society. The integration of payment options on Twitter also opens the door for the platform to target the financial market.

Twitter as a neo-bank?

The interesting thing about a platform like Twitter is that it already has millions of users. According to the company’s latest figures it has about 450 million monthly active users.

Those are numbers the average bank can’t even dream of. In theory, Twitter could quite easily turn that huge network of users into a financial network.

A network where people can pay each other, hold savings, take out loans, buy and sell stocks and other financial assets, and much more.

Elon Musk is an entrepreneur who moves fast and thinks big. So it seems a certainty that a plan like this is at least in the back of his mind. Especially given his past as co-founder of PayPal.

This shows that he has always been interested in and knowledgeable about payment platforms.

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