Gravis Finance launches private NFT offering round

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Following the successful completion of its Big Ban Round in June, Gravis Finance has proceeded to launch its private NFT offering. The private round went live on July 7.

In late May, the NFT-focused multi-chain decentralized exchange announced the launch of its Big Bang NFT Distribution Round. The initiative was geared towards rewarding early adopters and community members. Gravis Finance raised 150,000 USDT from the round within a week, with minimal marketing.

In the month that followed its Big Bang Round, the project’s team launched the Gswap Exchange on the Polygon Network, added Japanese and Chinese versions of all its products, developed and tested its NFT trading post, Gmart, and of course, worked on smart contracts for its Angel and Private rounds.

It is also worth mentioning that Gravis Finance participated in the Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami, an event that allowed the team to interact with other innovative projects in the Defi space.

Gravis reportedly made contacts with partners like Chainlink, Polygon, Near, and Myshowcase, amongst others. This was in addition to talks with VCs and funds.

Speaking of the private NFT offering, the funding round has been broken down into two parts – Angel Round and Private Round.

While the Angel Round features just one NFT, which allows its holder to receive 1,000,000 GRVS tokens with a pre-defined unlocking schedule, the Private Round has three NFT pools dubbed Universe, Galaxy, and Star. Furthermore, the Private Round has 8.7 million GRVS tokens out of the total GRVS supply of 150 million, representing a 6 percent share. Each of the three pools in this round has its own unlocking schedule available on the Private Round page. Meanwhile, the Angel Round guarantees the best price and unlocking conditions.

To get the GRVS tokens interested users will have to purchase one or more NFT cards from any of the rounds. The cards can then be exchanged for frozen GRVS tokens on a dedicated page that will be made available after now. Users will be able to claim unfrozen GRVS tokens and view the unfrozen amount from the dedicated page.

How to participate in the Private Round?

As earlier mentioned, the Private round features 8.7 million GRVS tokens and has three different NFT pools. Participating in this round is relatively easy. Users will need to go through the following steps:

  1. Visit the project’s official Telegram channel and view the last pinned message.
  2. Subscribe to the Whitelist using their wallet addresses. Users will receive a confirmatory email after they successfully subscribe.
  3. Upon receiving the confirmation, users can then proceed to the Private Round page to purchase one or more NFTs.
  4. Finally, users can view their balance by adding a custom token to their wallets using the address: 0xbd5e727F2514af4195CA0700b56490a97a0C19f6

In closing, subscribing to the Whitelist does not guarantee an allocation. The Private Round NFT offering will take place on a first-come-first-serve basis on the Binance Smart Chain. And the offer will be open until the last card is sold.

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