Finding the best VPS host that accepts Bitcoin

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Throughout my career in the tech world, I’ve spent a great deal of time working with hosting providers of all kinds. In recent years, a mandatory requirement for my business has been to work with a provider that allows you to buy a VPS with Bitcoin.

As the amount of hosting providers accepting Bitcoin and various other crypto currencies has been exponentially increasing, the choice is not as easy as it once was.

Previously, if a hosting provider accepted Bitcoin it meant that they were a forward-thinking, innovative company on the leading edge of technology. Today, a lot of hosting providers are happy to accept Bitcoin in an attempt to cash-in on crypto mania.

So, when the time comes that I need to change up hosting providers, I first start by compiling a list of VPS hosting providers from which I can buy a VPS for BTC and other cryptocurrencies.

Then, most importantly, I narrow this list down by establishing exactly when the company started allowing customers to pay with Bitcoin. Was it before or after the great crypto run-up of 2017? After: this company is playing catch-up. Before: you’ve likely found a forward-thinking, innovative company that stays up to date with the latest advances in computer science. 

With the potential provider list narrowed down, I reached out to the remaining providers to ask them exactly why they decided to start accepting crypto currencies in the first place.

The most inspiring reply I received came from Evolution Host’s CEO. The response I received was:

“Despite all the negative press Bitcoin was receiving in 2015, we looked beyond that and investigated the technology that made Bitcoin work. After we had a firm grasp on the tech, we knew this was the future of money and the only way forward. We started accepting Bitcoin that very day.”.

This desire to remain at the forefront of technology is reflected by their website, which makes clear the use of cutting-edge technology within their hosting environments. Their slogan “Invent The Future” seems an accurate portrayal of their company ethos.

Who is Evolution Host

Evolution Host is a provider specializing in high performance DDoS protected KVM VPS hosting – in operation since 2013. 

Their support for the crypto industry is reflected in the sheer amount of crypto-currencies that they accept as payment. A whopping 52 cryptocurrencies are currently accepted by the company, including Bitcoin.

Looking out to the crypto-sphere it seems that many projects rely on Evolution Host for their Masternode VPS hosting as well as running proof-of-stake nodes on their virtual servers. A full list of cryptos they accept can be found further down the page.

Of course, there are other important factors that determine whether a particular hosting provider is fit for purpose. A VPS host I can pay in Bitcoin is great, but not enough to rely on for all of my mission critical hosting needs.

Any good hosting provider will offer a reliable, performant service at a fair price, complemented by customer support. This is why I like to shop around, get a feel for a hosting provider first hand and decide whether they are a good candidate for long term VPS hosting.

I’ve worked with Evolution Host since February 2016 and the experience has been an absolute pleasure from day one.

A Bitcoin VPS worth talking about

To ensure the information contained in this article was up to date, I deployed another KVM VPS yesterday.

My plan for this one is to run a Bitcoin full node on the VPS and as you would expect, setup was instant. As soon as my BTC payment was confirmed, I logged into SSH and checked the KVM’s CPU model, an Intel Xeon E5-1650 v4 clocked at 3.6Ghz.

Very nice. Many providers choose to hide the exact CPU model name from their clients but Evo have it on display, this creates an air of openness and honesty with the provider. The advertised resources were available in full with 3.6Ghz of CPU power on tap and a 1Gbps uplink, all good here.

Surprisingly in today’s hosting industry, many server hosts still offer sub 3.0Ghz CPUs, typically in the range of 2.3 to 2.5Ghz. This of course, is unadvertised on the website of these other providers. Moving onto disk speeds, a quick check of the SSD model confirms that the KVM is running on a recent NVMe SSD array. Read/Write speeds are extremely quick, great. That’s all the hardware checks for my Bitcoin VPS out of the way – flying colors from start to finish.

DDoS Protection

As great as the crypto community is, there are many unscrupulous characters in these circles. Running a successful crypto news website? Look out, competitors may try take you down if you get too big.

Have one too many drinks and say the wrong thing to the wrong person? Distributed denial of service attack coming right up. DDoS Protecting your server environment is essential in today’s world for any successful project. Evolution Host’s DDoS Protected VPS have been extremely resilient for me whenever I’ve been the target of a would-be attacker.

Importance of Privacy

For me, the importance of privacy cannot be understated. I believe that every single person on this planet of ours is entitled to their privacy. In today’s age, everywhere you go (be it virtually or physically) there is a company trying to extract data from you to either sell to the highest bidder or to use later in an attempt to manipulate you into purchasing one of those flashy pairs of shoes that you just don’t need. Evo protects and cares for your data by not storing it in the first place.

Coins you can use to buy a VPS

Finding the best VPS host that accepts Bitcoin

In conclusion, I have considered a wide range of hosting providers who are able to provide hosting services in exchange for BTC and a variety of “altcoins”. Evolution Host has been the only provider to combine a good attitude towards cryptocurrency with top-notch hardware and industry leading DDoS protection for my hosting requirements.

Any time I’ve had an issue over the past 3 years, one quick E-mail shot off to them and next thing I know it’s sorted. Their support staff are among the nicest people I’ve encountered online. It’s safe to say, they’ll be my choice of hosting provider for the foreseeable future.

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