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ClearCoin is an excellent platform to solve any problems of advertising industry and help to prevent the fraud in this sphere


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These days, there is a focus on digital method of advertising. In recent years, advertisement in the internet have become a mainstream mean of product promotion. And this process gives a real chance to fraudsters who are taking advantage of the billions of dollars involved in the advertising business. is a platform for promoting a product based on the chain technology, which aims to solve problems associated with digital advertising. Here the publishers cooperate with advertisers, and any transactions between them are noted in a notepad with history confirmation. This bespoke book has immune to fraud and other inaccuracies.

ClearCoin works with a procurement chain of media and advertising industry worth 563 billion dollars. ClearCoin Labels operate the technology of distributed register, which may improve the chain of supplies of rapidly increasing advertising and media industry. ClearCoin platform help decrease the costs and get cleaner inventory in both fields.

A high receptivity of digital marketing to fraudulence is a subject to worry not only for investors, but also for the entire business. It is reported that up to 20% of the total income received from this business is lost due to the fraud.

After the continuous search of the solution of this problem, ClearCoin came up with the answer – the inculcation the technology of Blockchain in the advertisement market.

Applying of this technology is considered as updating of the technological infrastructure in the world with simultaneous improvement of transparency, authentication and efficiency of the process. In addition, Blockchain solved the problem of double expenses in the cryptocurrency field.

This platform creates a universal product for advertisement delivery that covers all advertising formats. That allows advertisers to deliver their ads on good resources, tracking their accounting system. The accounting system allows companies to find out where their advertising dollars go.

The token is the primary mean of exchange in ClearCoin system. The exchange platform is completely autonomous, although the fact is that the token is based on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The main advantages of this project are audio, video, content, search and television advertising services. Moreover, marketing agencies, brands, advertising publishers and many other institutions in this business will beneficially use the technology involved in project.

ClearCoin platform has a number of functions:

  • Purchase function (For those who need to buy advertising spots for product promotion).
  • Income from advertisement for publishers which have advertising space for sales.
  • Security feature (Bots detection and publishers blacklist).
  • Auction in the format of bargaining, to ensure the proper economy in the market.
  • Policy of users’ privacy and the provision of corresponding security.
  • Transparency and the absence of inaccuracies in the history of customers due to the technology of Blockchain.
  • Smart contracts between publishers and advertisers, providing effective and secure purchase of ads.
  • Data is provided in real time, which helps to determine the further process of advertising campaigns. 

The purchase of token is available right now. The sale began on 18 of November, 2017 and will last till 31 of March, 2018. The final price of token is expected to be $0.10 closer to the end of March. The price after finishing of the token sale will be determined by the demand and proposal in the market.

David Garrity CEO of GVA Research discusses ClearCoin on Yahoo Finance. The video discusses how uses for the blockchain extend beyond cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Blockchain can positively impact other industries like advertising. While the blockchain solved the double spending problem for digital currency, blockchain will also solve the ad fraud problem for ad tech.


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