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Tezos STOs, an ETF, Updated ICO Guide, Oh My!

Into the Crypto Breach: Tezos STOs, an ETF, Updated ICO Guide, Oh My! The march of tokenization may have...

Court to Decide Whether ICO Whitepaper is a Binding Offer in a Claim for...

Stox ICO founder, Moshe Hogeg (pictured), has been sued for allegedly misappropriating funds by Zhewen Hu, who invested $3.8 million worth of eth in the Stox...

YouTube Video Could Hurt Kik’s Chances In ICO Battle With SEC

Get a Kik out of this.Earlier this week, the CEO of the Kik messaging app, Ted Livingston, addressed the US Securities and Exchange Commission's...

Thailand’s ‘ICO portal’ could see it enter new crypto world

The nations of Asia are deeply divided when it comes to crypto-currencies. Some, usually the more authoritarian, are vehemently against them...
buckycoin ico news

BuckyCoin Launches First Ever Cryptocurrency Backed By Decentralized Content Distribution Network & Own Content...

As many ICO’s come and go, it is refreshing to come across an ICO that has actual value in real life. BuckyCoin, which is...
startwaves ico news pr

The Start Waves ICO Pre-Sale is Live and Exceeding All Expectations

The Start Waves ICO Pre-Sale is Live and Exceeding All Expectations – Introduces Next Generation of Cowdfunding Called CrowdImpacting - Aimed at Social...
unchainet ico news press release

Switch your Big Data Computing to the Unchainet Cloud today at a fraction of...

There were times when owning large data centres was the privilege of a few large enterprises. Let alone the start-ups who had to shell...
apollo ico press release

The Apollo Foundation Presents Invention for Overhauling Decentralized Blockchains

The Apollo Foundation has presented a mechanism for secure updates of blockchains with the release of their Updater. The Apollo Foundation’s newest innovation is...

Crypto-based White Label Exchange Ibinex Revamps Website in Advance of Global Launch

A lack of transparency and inconsistent regulation across the crypto space combined with technical issues, lack of liquidity, large price discrepancies between exchanges and...

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