Chainlink lists on Coinbase exchange

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Chainlink’s followers—the Link Marines—will be jubilant. Today, Coinbase Pro began listing the decentralized oracle provider’s cryptoLINK.

Chainlink—which allows smart contracts on Ethereum to securely connect to external data sources, APIs, and payment systems—has had no end of big announcements in recent weeks. These will not have escaped Coinbase’s attention. The exchange, known for its deliberative nature when adding tokens to its platform, has been mulling over a Chainlink listing since December, 2018.  

Meanwhile, Chainlink has been busy inking over 30 different partnerships, and the tempo has risen in recent weeks. It launched its mainnet in May, partnered with Google earlier this month and on Tuesday announced a collaboration with the world’s third biggest software company, Oracle. 

The oracle provider is already listed on Binance and other leading exchanges, including eToro and Huobi. 

But a listing on U.S.-based Coinbase Pro, which is aimed at Coinbase’s more sophisticated traders, could open the door to more American investors. And it often precedes a token’s promotion to the most popular U.S. exchange, Coinbase proper—owned by the same firm. 


LINK will be available to trade against U.S. dollars and Ethereum, once it has cleared the customary steps. The crypto will be supported in all Coinbase jurisdictions, apart from New York State, which is subject to regulatory concerns.

Chainlink currently has a $800 million valuation on CoinMarketCap. The oracle provider’s crypto exploded before news of the recent listing, reaching an all-time high at $2.41, and has since fallen 0.5 per cent. 


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