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How to buy cryptos easily with a bank card


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Looking to buy cryptos with a bank card. We’ll show you not one, but three methods to buy cryptos with a bank card.

Buying cryptocurrencies is easier than ever these days. More and more services are now making it possible for us to buy cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, Stellar and more with our bank cards. That means both our credit cards or debit cards. Just like paying for your coffee, Amazon delivery or restaurant meal. 

This isn’t perhaps news, but crypto is slowly becoming more and more user-friendly. As more businesses realize the potential of this industry. 

This means that anyone with a bank card can now buy cryptocurrencies easily from their mobile phones or computers.

Let us explore what options we have available when we want to buy crypto with a bank card.

Best options to buy crypto with a bank card

According to us and the crypto community these are some of the most popular and used options for buying cryptos easily with your bank car

Not every cryptocurrency exchange have the option for its customers to buy cryptos using a bank card. But here below we have listed some of the most popular exchanges or trading platforms that have this option available. We have carefully selected these platforms based on user-friendliness, security and popularity.


One of the most well-known crypto exchanges today is Coinbase. They have since the launch been known for being a highly user-friendly place to use for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. And that of course includes using a bank card to buy cryptos easily.

buy crypto with a bank card

To buy cryptos with a bank card at Coinbase, you need to register an account first.

After you have registered an account you need to head into your settings to link a credit card or debit card to Coinbase. After you have done that you can buy cryptocurrencies to a limit of $10,000 per week for level one.


Another great option is Changelly. At Changelly you can easily buy cryptos with a bank card.

First go to and then select ‘Buy cryptos with a bank card’. Then you will be directed to a new page and here you can select the crypto that you want to buy. For example Bitcoin.

changelly screenshot

Important to note is that before you buy some Bitcoin, or another cryptocurrency at Changelly with a bank card you need to create a wallet first. So if you want to buy some Bitcoin then you need to create a BTC wallet.

This is where you BTCs will be sent to after buying them with your bank card. You can easily create a Bitcoin wallet using for example. You can create any number of Bitcoin wallets for free.

(To learn more about Bitcoin wallets click here).

After you have created a wallet for your cryptos to be sent to you can go the next step. Which is selecting the amount you want to buy for (using USD or EUR). Then enter your new crypto wallet address (where the funds will be sent to), and go to the next steps.

Then you will enter some personal detail and your card details. Proceed through the next steps to buy cryptocurrencies at Changelly using a bank card.


The last but not least option to buy cryptos with a bank card is Coinmama. Coinmama is similar to Coinbase and Changelly in how it works.

First go to and scroll down to select the cryptocurrency you want to buy and which Fiat currency (USD, EUR, GBP, etc) you want to pay with. You can click on one of the suggested widgets with a set amount or select your own amount to the right. 

After that you need to register an account. You will provide Coinmama with similar information about yourself as at Coinbase and Changelly. And it is standards procedure for when buying crypto today. Like at any other traditional bank.

buy crypto with a bank card - coinmama

To continue buying cryptocurrencies at Coinmama simply register an account and then when logged in you can buy cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple and more. Using Coinmama is really easy and great for buying cryptos easily with a bank card

Important to be aware of when buying with a bank card

It is important that you are aware of the fact that buying cryptos with a bank card which is one of the easier options you have available, usually costs a bit more in fees. There is usually a set fee anywhere from 3-10% from each purchase using the options we have listed above, but the same goes for any platform with bank card options.

So if you want to keep the costs down when buying cryptos then we suggest that you also look into some other options. Many other cryptocurrency exchanges take less amount in fees. But they can sometimes have a slightly more complex process. But don’t worry you can follow this guide on cryptocurrency exchange to find easy-to-use crypto exchanges.

The advantages of using sites like Coinbase, Changelly and Coinmama is that they make it really easy for beginners to get started buying cryptos. That’s why it is ok that there fees are slightly higher for many crypto-buyers. But they serve an excellent purpose by making it possible for more people to easily buy cryptocurrencies today.

Written by:
Per Englund, founder of crypto site Go CryptoWise


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