7 Factors to Consider Before Becoming a Crypto Investor

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According to a recent Bank of Canada study, 89% of Canadians were aware of Bitcoin, but only 5% had decided to purchase it. Becoming a crypto investor now could earn you a fortune in the future as the market expands.

With so much public knowledge about cryptocurrency, it’s only a matter of time before cryptocurrency investing takes off. You can already see monumental increases in cryptocurrency value over the past decade.

Imagine what the future will bring. Buying crypto may be a simple process, but it is not something to be taken lightly.

Before you get involved in crypto trading, you need to consider the seven factors in this guide. Read on to find out more.

Factors to Consider Before Becoming a Crypto Investor

1. Consider Your Budget

You should only invest disposable income in crypto. Don’t look for a desperate “get rich quick” option using your last remaining currency. Budget how much you can stand to invest and potentially lose before turning a profit.

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2. Consider the Type of Crypto

What sort of cryptocurrency do you want to invest in? Bitcoin and Ethereum are two of the biggest names in traditional cryptocurrency, but there are hundreds of others. There are also non-traditional options to consider.

For instance, you can invest in things like an Ethereum name service. Make sure to do proper research before you decide to buy Ethereum name service online. This is a different kind of crypto investment worth looking into.

3. Consider How You Will Store Your Crypto

Once you purchase your crypto, how will you store it? Options include online wallets, offline hard storage, and cloud-based crypto exchanges. Choose wisely and utilize multiple options for a diverse crypto portfolio.

4. Consider the Duration of Your Investment

Do you plan on investing in cryptocurrency for the long or short term? For long-term investments, you can afford to be more conservative. To make a profit on short-term investments, you need to be able to take higher risks.

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5. Consider Crypto Fluctuation Patterns

To make an educated investment in cryptocurrency, you need to research some crypto fluctuation patterns. Look at the price history of your chosen cryptocurrency over time and invest when the time is right.

6. Consider Crypto Half-Life

Bitcoin has a half-life of about every four years. Half-life in a cryptocurrency context means that after about four years, the reward given to miners is halved. Not all cryptocurrencies have a half-life, but the main ones like Bitcoin do.

Investing in cryptocurrency right before a halving could be an excellent opportunity or a major blunder, depending on which way the valuation goes. Do your homework to figure out which should happen.

7. Consider a Crypto’s Potential for Growth

Countless minor cryptocurrencies will never increase in value. You need to learn how to recognize the potential for growth in a cryptocurrency. Analyze expert investor testimony to determine this.

Become a Competent Crypto Investor

Becoming a competent crypto investor means doing adequate research and knowing what cryptocurrencies to buy and when. The seven considerations in this guide can help you gain investment competency.

Use the information in this guide to become a competent crypto investor. For all your other important news and information, check back with our website immediately. 

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