How does LIX help companies roll out software?

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How does LIX help companies roll out software?

The development of modern-day technologies has changed the world from the one that existed only 20 years ago. Today, you would really struggle to find a service that doesn’t have anything to do with things like the internet or computers, and for the most part, that is a good thing.

It made management easier, it allowed businesses to function faster, it automated many processes that previously had to be done by hand, and alike. However, the technology did not stop. In fact, it keeps developing and becoming better, faster, and generally speaking, more advanced in every way. 

With that being the case, companies have to keep switching to newer and better software whenever it comes out. This can be an issue for employees, who are just trying to do their job, but are constantly under obligation to use this new software. While new and improved, these tools often have a learning curve that comes as a problem for employees, especially if they are not tech-savvy.

Another change-related issue emerges when companies are trying to roll out software in mass. Whether it is for businesses or regular people, they often struggle with its adoption, and it takes a long time before it happens.

This is why Libra Incentix initially emerged, and it invented a solution that can solve all of the issues mentioned above.

How can Libra Incentix help?

Consultant-as-a-Service is Libra Incentix’s technique of providing the same traditional consultative experience at a fraction of the cost. The service is driven by their web-application, which leverages best practice change management methodology via the use of templates that can be customized to their client’s specific needs. Their consultants are available around the clock, in return for a small monthly fee. 

But LIX is really what differentiates them from anyone else in the market. It is their blockchain-based rewards and loyalty management system. It can be used to reward anyone for doing practically anything but a great use-case for the platform is to incentivize employees for adopting change. The platform can solve the matter of technology adoption and usage of new software with a rather simple, yet brilliant solution — incentives.

By providing incentives to the software’s users, the platform ensures that employees and customers of the business that’s been trying to roll out new software would approach it with a lot more enthusiasm and interest. 

But, what does this mean? This means that companies can partner with LIX and use its incentive program to reward users with crypto when they utilize the new software. And, the longer they keep using it, the more crypto they earn. This offers major rewards in exchange for using the apps or programs that their job requires them to use, which ensures that most employees and customers will keep using them on a regular basis. 

LIX tokens can be exchanged for fiat, like any other cryptocurrency. However, the token’s true value lies in the fact that it can be used within the LIX marketplace, where they can be exchanged for discounts on various other products and services listed there. These discounts can be a lot more valuable than the fiat equivalent that you would get by simply exchanging tokens, which is why it is recommended that the users check out this use case when earning LIX.

Libra Incentix claims that its solution will help companies to cultivate a culture that is more open to embracing technological innovation. After all, employees often struggle to learn new software because it represents a change from the way they are used to doing things, and change is often difficult for people to accept. By offering an incentive, however, the LIX platform helps convert this stance, and makes employees excited to try out new apps and earn rewards for doing so. 

What can you do with LIX?

LIX offers several ways to use its platform. For example, the first one allows users to introduce the platform to their software as a plug-in, and reward employees for using all the most valuable features. The second way is to integrate the LIX platform into the business’ eCommerce website(s) or their in-store PoS solution, in order to distribute customizable and personalized loyalty points or tokens.

Finally, businesses can also reward their staff with digital currencies and/or loyalty points in order to drive high performance, based on configurable KPIs.


If you are struggling to roll out software technology in your company, or if your employees struggle to adopt modern ways of performing their duties, LIX platform is the solution. It provides new ways to encourage positive employee performance and software adoption among your workers and customers.

As such, Libra Incentix is actively working on establishing itself as the leader of loyalty rewards, for the benefit of companies, employees, and customers alike. Meanwhile, this represents yet another issue of the real world where blockchain technology ended up being a clear solution that works where everything else failed.

It is always better to provide positive incentives rather than punishing your employees for struggling to adopt new software. With rewards and encouragement, employees will always make an extra effort and give everything they have to try and earn those rewards. By getting the rewards, they get to benefit, and by adopting the new software more smoothly, the company benefits. In the end, thanks to Libra Incentix and the LIX platform, everybody wins.

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