What Are Solana’s (SOL) Next Steps?

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During Solana’s overall ecosystem gathering, dubbed “Breakpoint 2022”, which was held in Lisbon, the popular blockchain made a number of important announcements capable of leading to an increase in its mass adoption.

Solana’s plan includes, among others, the launch of smartphones, decentralized application stores (dApps), as well as a partnership with Google Cloud.

Solana Breakpoint took place from November 4 to 7, and for reference, it attracted 13,000 people to just one of the four venues running simultaneously.

The event was attended by Solana co-founder Raj Gokal, as well as Solana Labs co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko.

The GeoNFTs

For his part, Vibhu Norby, CEO and founder of Solana Spaces, revealed that the Solana Store in Miami is receiving a large number of visits and added:

What Are Solana's (SOL) Next Steps?
The Solana Embassy in Miami’s Wynwood | DAN POWELL | Source: Forbes

“Now anyone and anywhere can build their own Solana store.”

Still, Norby did release GeoNFTs, which are found on the geographic markers that highlight tags in an area in their city and explained further:

“If you have a GeoNFT you can redeem 1 for 1 with exclusive rights to open a Solana store in that area.”

With GeoNFTs, Solana aims to empower businesses looking to engage with its network.

The smartphones

Solana’s smartphone is reported to be available for pre-order in early 2023.

“It’s made for people,” Solana’s mobile team said in announcing the launch of its upcoming smartphones.

A differentiating feature of the Solana phone lies in its ability to securely store private keys of cryptographic wallets and will have high productivity.

Solana dApp store

As it prepares for Web3, Solana offers the launch of the Solana App Store. During the conference, a Solana representative emphasized the need to create a good user experience in Web3.

Supporting the cause, Solana’s dApp store promises to eliminate fees, revenues and charges. In addition, the company confirmed that submissions for participants will open in January 2023.

Google Cloud

While the above announcements mark a number of milestones for Solana, the ecosystem’s partnership with Google Cloud obviously stole the spotlight.

Google Cloud will build a Solana validator that generates blocks to join and validate the network.

Google Cloud’s Blockchain Node Engine, which was first announced on October 27, will appear on the Solana chain by 2023. The integration will allow users to launch a dedicated Solana node in the Cloud.

In addition, Google Cloud will index Solana data and migrate it to BigQuery – a fully managed serverless data warehouse – making it easier for Solana developers to access historical data.

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