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You Can Send Bitcoin Via Radio Without Internet or Satellite

You Can Send Bitcoin Via Radio Without Internet or Satellite This week, Rodolfo Novak revealed he had sent bitcoin...

State of Blockchains: Bitcoin (BTC) Fees

Transaction fees make the bitcoin blockchain go round. The miners are compensated...

Bitcoin Considering Proposal to Reduce the Blocksize to 300KB, Crazy or an Actual Solution?

A proposal to temporarily reduce bitcoin’s blocksize to 300kb from the current 1MB has been put forward with some apparent support. Luke- Jr, a Bitcoin...

Now Is the Time to Stock up on Bitcoin: Chinese Crypto Billionaire

Bitcoin is still struggling at $3,600, with the currency unable to break above $4,000 in the past month. However, this is the perfect...

Bitcoin Index “Not Susceptible to Price Manipulation”

Brian Quintenz, Commissioner at the Commodities and Futures Exchanges Commission (CFTC), has taken the Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC) heads on in regards to...

SEC Forces Reality Shares to Withdraw Bitcoin ETF Application

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has requested the firm behind first Blockchain exchange-traded funds to put its plans to create a bitcoin...

Digital Currency Group CEO says most cryptocurrencies will fail, but bitcoin is still king

A bear market could be just the beginning of the pain for most cryptocurrencies, according to one widely followed industry expert. ...

Blockchain Analysis Ties 5 Bitcoin Addresses to QuadrigaCX Exchange

Blockchain watchers have identified a group of bitcoin addresses that likely belong...

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