Playboy’s Spectacular Run In The World of NFTs

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For nearly 70 years, entertainment magazine Playboy has been challenging classic stereotypes, investing in revolutionary ideas about creative self-expression.

From spring 2021, it began investing in the digital art of NFT through the publication of special collections, so that it can continue to graphically describe new stories.

Playboy, which ceased publishing in 2020, leverages the 67-year-old archive of classical photography and artwork and collaborates with contemporary artists with fresh creations to sell digitized collectibles.

The company also offers grants to “support emerging and under-represented artists entering the NFT art community.”

Playboy NFT Collections

Playboy has published a total of 4 NFT collections, with the original taking place in May and the last in September. Each NFT project serves as a bridge between the past and the future, with the aim of addressing social issues and sparking constructive discussions.

Liquid Summer

Playboy was first introduced to the NFT world, on May 3, 2021, with the collection ‘Liquid Summer’ and in collaboration with artist Slimesunday. As recorded on the official website, each ‘Liquid Summer’ project acts as a connecting point that shows how fluid our world really is. Whether it’s sexual expression, gender identity, freedom of speech, or ‘crypto power, each work reveals that all boundaries in our lives can be wiped out in minutes.

Bowie 1976

The second collection, which became available on June 15, was ‘Bowie 1976’, inspired by the interview David Bowie gave to Playboy in September 1976. It is a collection consisting of three NFT prototypes (‘Sex’, ‘Drugs’ and ‘Rock n’ Roll’), in collaboration with artist Shantell Martin. The aim of the collection is to support the LGBTQ community.

Miami Beach

For the third collection, Playboy teamed up with SuperRare to launch an NFT collection at Decentraland Art Week. The ‘Miami Beach’ collection consists of five NFT’s, including a photo of a 1970s Playboy Bunny girl.

Liquidity Pool

The latest edition of September is a unique NFT project entitled ‘Liquidity Pool’. The project presents swimmers who with their bodies form the logo of Ethereum. It aims as a ‘crypto-interpretation’ of Tony Kelly’s virtual cover in 2013. The NFT is available on the SuperRare platform and celebrates the end of the hottest #CryptoSummer.

On the official website of the historical magazine, the necessary information is included for those who wish to invest in the projects.

The Path Of The future

Playboy knows that the digital world of NFT is the new frontiers of creative expression, where the artistic objects of the past meet the next generation of blockchain technology.

That’s why Playboy is accelerating the launch of the Centerfold website, following the deal to acquire ‘Dream‘ for $30 million. Dream, a social content platform, will allow content creators to interact directly with their fans and offer access to Playboy products. The platform will also support blockchain and NFT integration.

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