NewsNow You Can Buy NFTs From A Vending Machine

Now You Can Buy NFTs From A Vending Machine


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Thirsty for money?

At 29 John St in Manhattan, however, buying NFT is just as convenient as grabbing a snack or a soda!

The separate unit in New York City allows passersby to pay for NFT using fiat currency. Specifically, they can buy one using a Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card or by launching the Apple Pay or Samsung Pay apps.

So simple!

NFTs are a type of digital asset where ownership is recorded on a digital blockchain.

Collectible crypto-projects, also known as NFTs, have been following the cryptocurrencies over the past few months and are seeing their value increase by the day. These are collectibles that you wouldn’t think could be worth several million dollars and yet.

The machine was created by its makers at Solana-based NFT Neon Market as the “world’s first” NFT vending machine, although Time Out points out that this title may have already been claimed by someone else. The so-called “NFT ATM” had a smooth launch in December and is now operating 24/7.

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