MYX Unveils Decentralized Perpetual Exchange, Targets Global Leadership in Derivative Trading

Pioneering a New Era in Trading with Innovative Mechanisms and Robust Fundamentals

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  1. MYX, a decentralized perpetual exchange, introduces disruptive mechanisms for zero-slippage trading and capital efficiency up to 125x.
  2. Matching Pool Mechanism (MPM) engine revolutionizes traditional models, focusing on net open interests and optimizing capital efficiency.
  3. Competitive trading fees, zero-slippage trading, and a dual oracle system contribute to MYX’s commitment to efficiency and cost reduction.
  4. MLP scalability enhances liquidity and capital efficiency, fostering interoperability within the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem.
  5. $5 million seed funding, a $50 million valuation, and support from key investors position MYX for sustained development as a global leader.

MYX, a decentralized perpetual exchange, is set to redefine the landscape of derivative trading with its innovative approach.

Offering zero-slippage trading and capital efficiency up to 125x, MYX has reengineered the trading process for enhanced stability and scalability.

The team’s extensive experience overseeing exchanges with monthly transactions in the hundreds of billions underscores their commitment to delivering a straightforward and comprehensive product experience.

With a diverse financial background, the team ensures seamless resource collaboration and operational stability.

MYX finance
MYX finance seed round investors

Matching Pool Mechanism (MPM) Engine

The heart of MYX’s disruptive model lies in its Matching Pool Mechanism (MPM) engine, challenging traditional trading models.

Liquidity Providers (LPs) are exclusively exposed to net open interests, allowing them to focus on risk management rather than being tied to specific positions.

The equilibrium of long and short interests optimizes capital efficiency, compensating imbalances through stable and ongoing funding fees for LPs.

Trading Costs and Efficiency

MYX aims to make trading cost-effective and efficient. Competitive trading fees, with a taker fee of 0.07% and a maker fee of 0.045%, provide users with a favorable environment.

VIP users enjoy reduced fees as low as 0.02%, while a dual oracle system guarantees zero-slippage trading.

The platform’s focus on optimizing efficiency and lowering costs ensures the best execution prices and the lowest cost of holding positions.

MLP Scalability and Interoperability

Introducing an LP return swap, MYX enhances risk management capabilities while optimizing liquidity and capital efficiency.

MLPs serve as unleveraged tools with seamless integration into the DeFi ecosystem, facilitating trading across networks and enhancing interoperability.

This expanded application scope and profit potential mark MYX as a player in the evolving landscape of decentralized finance.


MYX’s value propositions include equitable trading with open-source smart contracts, minimal transaction costs, optimal depth for trades at the finest prices, a seamless user experience, and sustainable yield through the robust MPM mechanism.

With a $5 million seed round funding and a valuation of $50 million, MYX has gained recognition and support from key investors, including Sequoia Capital and various investment institutions.

The round saw participation from notable investors including Sequoia Capital China, Consensys, Hack VC, and OKX Ventures.

The funding round’s success positions MYX for sustained development, reflecting confidence in its innovative model and potential for future growth.

The platform aspires to serve as a clearing and settlement center for decentralized derivative transactions on-chain, backed by the support of capital and ecosystem partners.


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