Square Enix Announces Auction Dates for Symbiogenesis NFTs, Sets the Stage for Blockchain Gaming

Gaming Giant Dives into GameFi with Upcoming Symbiogenesis Blockchain Game

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  • Square Enix unveils auction dates for Symbiogenesis NFTs, featuring three separate phases.
  • Early investors and stakeholders get exclusive access to the first batch auction on Nov. 27-28.
  • An Allowlist Entry Campaign from Nov. 7-21 rewards participants with NFT relics for phase 2 opportunities.
  • Square Enix’s partnership with Web3 infrastructure provider Elixir adds intrigue to the upcoming blockchain game.
  • The Symbiogenesis game, set to launch on Dec. 21, marks Square Enix’s bold entry into the GameFi space.

Square Enix, the creative force behind the iconic Final Fantasy series, is making waves in the blockchain gaming scene with its latest announcement regarding the auction dates for Symbiogenesis NFTs.

In three distinct phases, the gaming giant is set to redefine the gaming landscape, combining its legendary expertise with the innovative world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Exclusive Access for Early Backers

In a strategic move, Square Enix has designated the first batch auction, taking place on Nov. 27-28, exclusively for stakeholders and early investors.

This move implies that those who have been part of the journey from the beginning will have a front-row seat to the Symbiogenesis NFT experience.

Allowlist Entry Campaign Rewards Participants

From Nov. 7 to 21, Square Enix ran an Allowlist Entry Campaign, where participants not only earned NFT relics but also scored points for potential participation in phase 2.

The top 50 highest scores, along with 40 randomly selected participants ranking 51st to 300th, will have the opportunity to acquire NFTs in the second phase.

The remaining participants will still be in the game, able to bid on items in the third and final phase.

Square Enix’s Intriguing Partnership and Past NFT Success

Adding a layer of mystery to the Symbiogenesis venture is Square Enix’s partnership with Web3 infrastructure provider Elixir.

Although details are scarce, the collaboration hints at a significant technological backbone for the upcoming blockchain game.

Square Enix, known for its blockbuster Final Fantasy series, further entered the NFT space earlier this year with the launch of Final Fantasy NFT trading cards on March 31.

Symbiogenesis Launch Set for Dec. 21

Mark your calendars for Dec. 21, as Square Enix prepares to unleash Symbiogenesis onto the gaming world.

With a rich background in game development and a staggering 173 million units sold for the Final Fantasy series, Square Enix’s foray into the blockchain and gaming industry with Symbiogenesis marks a pivotal moment in the evolving landscape of GameFi.


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