Measuring the 10th Bitcoin Birthday

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525,600 Blocks Mined: Measuring the 10th Bitcoin Birthday

Measuring the 10th Bitcoin Birthday

It’s the biggest Bitcoin birthday yet. It’s now been a decade since its first block was mined, and a lot’s happened since. Whether or not you plan on celebrating this proof-of-keys day, it’s hard not to appreciate the milestones the genesis cryptocurrency has hit along the way.

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Over 300 ‘Deaths’ Behind This Bitcoin Birthday

We’ve all seen the headlines: bitcoin is dead! The bubble is popped! Many people respected in their fields, like Warren Buffet and Jamie Dimon, have loved to throw their opinions in as amateur coroners when it comes to BTC.

Not only that, but the mainstream media recycles these narratives every few weeks to drum up some attention. These articles probably wouldn’t do so well if they didn’t piss off hodlers and restart the same ol’ discourse.

Measuring the 10th Bitcoin Birthday
Happy Birthday from Bitsonline, Bitcoin! Cheers to the next 10 years!

Yet bitcoin has “died” 300 times, and it has dusted itself off and kept going all the while.

Around 40 Knockoffs (Hardforks and Rebranded Altcoins)

Depending on who you ask, all altcoins might count as bitcoin knockoffs, but we’re narrowing the scope to altcoins that label themselves as “bitcoin” in some way to cash in on some of that sweet, sweet brand confusion.

A lot of you might think Bitcoin Cash was the first chain to try this, but there have been dozens of pretenders over the years.

Measuring the 10th Bitcoin Birthday
One coin to rule them all, BTC.

Indeed, we’ve seen names like Bitcoin Scrypt, Bitcoin Zero, Smart Bitcoin, Bitcoin File, Bitcoin Plus, Bitcoin Atom, Super Bitcoin, Bitcoin God, First Bitcoin, and many more come and go. We get one almost every financial quarter — it’s almost like clockwork.

1.41 Octillion Hashes (On Winning Blocks)

Written out in long form that’s …

141,955,582,428,838,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 hashes, or 1.4 xona hash per decade used to push out blocks to the network.

That’s about 100 trillion watts of ASIC mining securing the network over Bitcoin’s life to date.

Most importantly, though, we’ve had …

0 Compromises of the Base Layer Technology Used in Production

And that’s what makes Bitcoin so special.

You can use it without fear of seizure or loss via hacking, no matter how much you send at once. Happy proof-of-keys day, and keep bitcoin on your mind in 2019. It may surprise you yet.

What’s your take? What’s the 20th Bitcoin birthday going to look like? Let us know in the comments section below. 

Images via Bitsonline, Tyson O’Ham, Pixabay

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