How has Bitcoin of America Changed the Cryptocurrency Industry?

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Who is Bitcoin of America?

Bitcoin of America is a U.S. based digital currency exchange platform headquartered in Chicago, IL. Bitcoin of America offers a fast and easy way to get involved in the cryptocurrency community. Registering with Bitcoin of America takes less than one minute. Once your account is created customers can begin trading.  They are one of the top Bitcoin ATM operators in the country. They off over 200 ATM locations around the United States. They even have Bitcoin tablet locations, which are part of their new program!

What Do They Offer Their Customers?

When you choose Bitcoin of America there are a variety of ways to buy and sell Bitcoin. This includes wire transfer, Bitcoin ATMs, Bitcoin tablets and store payment locations. All of their Bitcoin locations are conveniently located. This means that they are in places that you already shop. If you are filling up a tank of gas or running an errand, there is a chance that you will find one of their locations. Some of their locations are even open 24/7!

Their website features all of their Bitcoin locations. Their users can choose from a variety of guides. For example, they have many explanations on how to buy bitcoin. These have been created in order to help ease their customers’ experience. They also offer guides on the other end. For example, how to sell Bitcoin is another guide that you can read more on.

Why Does Bitcoin of America Stand Out from Competitors?

Bitcoin can be very confusing to those who don’t know much about it. At Bitcoin of America, they make sure to provide their customers with guides and explanations to create an easy experience. One of their top priorities is providing a fast and safe platform for its users. They also offer top-notch customer service to help their customers in need.

They recently launched a pilot program using small point-of-sale tablets to provide accessibility to cryptocurrency all over the globe. It is only available in the USA today, but hopefully, there will be future expansion. Their tablet program was created in order to offer an alternative, face-to-face, purchasing experience. These tablets may help close the wide gap of users who do not know how to interact with cryptocurrency.

While Bitcoin of America does have several Bitcoin of America ATM locations, they wanted to create a system where customers can go in and ask questions. They have realized that many customers who are visiting their Bitcoin ATM locations have no idea what they are doing. This has left many to leave without purchasing due to frustration or lack of knowledge.

Bitcoin of America is just one of the many companies out there trying to make a difference in the cryptocurrency community. It is important that cryptocurrency exchanges offer their customers’ customer service and extended knowledge on some of these complex topics!

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