News Florida Celebrates Bitcoin's 10th Birthday

Florida Celebrates Bitcoin’s 10th Birthday


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Florida Celebrates Bitcoin’s 10th Birthday

Florida Celebrates Bitcoin's 10th Birthday

January 3rd, 2019 marks the tenth anniversary of the beginning of the Bitcoin Blockchain–bitcoin’s birthday. People all over the world are celebrating this milestone, and Florida is no exception. As with all things in crypto, even the actual birthday of bitcoin elicits some disagreement and controversy. Some people believe that the release of the whitepaper should be the recognized birthday of bitcoin, while others believe that is merely the conception of bitcoin, and the creation of the Genesis Block is the true birthday.

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The Genesis of Bitcoin

The Bitcoin Genesis Block was mined by Satoshi Nakamoto on January 3rd, 2009. In those early days, there were so few miners and the difficulty of mining was so low that bitcoin was being mined on simple laptops and personal computers. In the decade that has followed that fateful day, bitcoin has muscled through countless challenges and immense criticism.

On many occasions, it has even been declared “dead” by critical nocoiners. However, throughout all the adversity, the Bitcoin Network has enjoyed ten full years of 100 percent uninterrupted service as the preeminent platform for censorship resistant permissionless value transfer. Ten years after its birth, bitcoin is stronger than ever.

Celebrations all Across Florida

Celebrations in observation of bitcoin’s tenth birthday were held all over the world, and the state of Florida is certainly no stranger to parties. Two of the biggest events in the state were organized by the Miami Crypto Group and by Blockspaces in Tampa. In typical Miami fashion, the Miami party was hosted at an Argentinian barbecue. The event was well attended, and great fun was had by all. There was even a birthday cake!

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The Blockspaces event in Tampa was a great success. There were over 50 attendees, including well known core-dev, Luke-jr. The Tampa event was held at the Blockspaces office, which is a coworking and gathering space for people involved in the cryptocurrency industry. The Tampa event kicked off with a brief presentation about the history, current state, and potential future of bitcoin. Following the presentation, there was a reception and party.


If the past ten years are any indication, the future of bitcoin is both bright and compelling. Crypto enthusiasts all over the world are sure to be watching to see what happens next.

How did you celebrate the tenth birthday of bitcoin?  Did you have a party? Was there cake? Share your celebration stories in the comments section below.

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