BTC Club Scam Sends Three Men to Prison in China

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In June a year ago, a Chinese trickster was captured in Eastern China for a Bitcoin scam, which took 100 million yuan (almost US$15 million) from 50 financial specialists in a quarter of a year. Known as Zhang, the man offered Bitcoin mining machines when they were in intense interest at a cut cost of 10,000 Yuan (US$1,500), yet never conveyed on his guarantee.

These tricks and occurrences are likely why Chinese rapper, TCG Yinyang, has sung verses that decipher as, translate as, “fakers are everywhere, I’ll break their legs when I bump into them.”

Now, a court in Ningbo, China has condemned three men to jail for a Bitcoin scam which scammed 150,000 Yuan (21,786 US dollars), after hoodwinking customers on WeChat.

After a fruitful run, the three individuals wound up being captured on September 29th last year, in Zhejiang territory. The three men were discovered blameworthy during the preliminary proceedings. They were altogether sentenced to three years each and requested to pay a robust fine.

Toward the beginning of April 2018, the three men just alluded to by their subsequent names, Liu, Chen, and Mao made the site server “BTC Club.” This was immediately posted as an official record on WeChat and other informal organizations.

The scam included hoodwinking their unfortunate casualties into putting into specific coins or other crypto, in the wake of imagining they were speculators hoping to offer new clients the chance to find out about Bitcoin and valuable tips.

The three each had their own jobs in the trick. Liu was in charge of the advancement and maneuvering in the unfortunate casualties into the WeChat platform and after that the gathering message. Chen at that point offered directions to recharge with the Bitcoin to see more on benefits. Mao likewise professed to be a major financial specialist who posted false speculation guidance just as questionable net revenues.

Ms. Ning Hai Cui was a casualty of the trick in 2018. In the wake of being maneuvered into the gathering, Cui stated,

“The instructor will provide profit orders in the group every day, and issue instructions to let us investors follow him to buy up and sell. Many people often make profit screenshots in the group.”

Seeing the gigantic cash individuals made, Cui couldn’t avoid paying cash and purchase the Bitcoin through the club, yet when she was not able to withdraw anything later on. Before long, she understood this might be a trick and alerted the experts.

As of late, a noteworthy occurrence that has stood out is the Wave Field Super people group scam, which utilized the Tron name and saw numerous speculations from clueless Chinese individuals. The embarrassment cause issues for Tron’s Justin Sun and even incited a horde outside the organization’s Beijing office.


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