Bitcoin Investors Making It Big Through The AMFEIX Fund

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Now, like never before, Bitcoin investors can enjoy outstanding returns on their crypto by directly investing with The firm has a pool of funds that it trades in to generate very lucrative profits to its investors.

Trading on crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat pairings, the firm uses the best research to choose the most liquid pairings in the market that generate phenomenal profits. With as little as 0.02 BTC, traders can start earning returns and growing their capital.

Stealthy Investment

Investors who prefer to make covert investments can now invest with AMFEIX without providing their private details. Using pseudonyms, investors can be part of the lucrative investment opportunity.

Basic Registration Process

The registration process is so simple that you can finish it in record time. You only sign up and log into the site and create your wallet. After that, you will transfer your Bitcoin from your exchange or wallet to the newly created wallet in AMFEIX. 

Zero Flat Fees

AMFEIX doesn’t charge any flat fees on investors. The firm only focuses on generating profits and then getting 20% of the resulted gains. Such an arrangement incentivizes the company to do the best research that produces earnings, so they can earn, too.

Justly Profit-sharing Formula 

The asset management firm uses a just profit-sharing formula, where it allocates investors 80% of the gains made while it retains 20%.

Growing Capital

Investors who are not in a hurry to pocket their gains can benefit from a reinvestment of their profits, and this will increase their capital.

Hiccup-free Withdrawal Procedure

If you ever thought that the process of withdrawing is complicated, you’ll be surprised to see how easy it is. You only make a withdrawal request by clicking a button on the platform and wait for approval. After the approval, you will receive your earning within 24 hours.

Calm Termination Procedure

Terminating your contract with the firm is a very calm and stress-free process. Once you make your request, you will wait for 24 hours to receive all your BTC in your wallet, so that you can transfer it to wherever you deem fit.

Minimal Exposure Policy only trades with 30-50% of funds at any given moment to ensure that investors’ funds are protected from any adverse trading outcomes. With such a system, the firm can limit any colossal loss of funds that may force it into liquidation.

 Steadfast Security of Funds

AMFEIX uses a raft of measures to offer protection to investors funds.

  • To protect the funds from hackers, the firm uses cold storage to store the inactively traded funds.
  • To limit third parties from accessing the platform, the firm uses the Ethereum blockchain, which is decentralized.
  • To protect investors’ accounts, AMFEIX provides users with seed keys that they can use. The 12 words are used to not only protect your account but also recover it whenever something happens. They link your wallet to the device you used when you were first logging in.

Tempting Referral Program 

Investors can increase their earning potential by merely capitalizing on the firm’s referral program. Users can invite their friends to invest and earn 10% of the profits made from their investments. 

AMFEIX’s investors can rest assured that their funds with the firm are safe and will generate a profit. The company only trades in the most secure cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

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