News 'A Million Dreams' - Bitcoiners Sing for BTC's 10th...

‘A Million Dreams’ – Bitcoiners Sing for BTC’s 10th Birthday


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‘A Million Dreams’ – Bitcoiners Sing for BTC’s 10th Birthday

'A Million Dreams' - Bitcoiners Sing for BTC's 10th Birthday

Bitcoin has been questioned by countless people, and predicted to go to zero many times. However, after a decade spent weathering numerous storms, Bitcoin has proved the meaning and value of its existence, and the blockchain technology behind Bitcoin brings us unlimited imagination and possibilities. Today is January 3rd, 2019. The entire industry is celebrating its 10th birthday.

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A Million Dreams Video: Bitcoiners Celebrate 10th Birthday in Their Own Unique Way


The cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX published an advertisement on the front page of The Times in London today to celebrate the Bitcoin’s 10th birthday.

Bitcoin 10th Birthday Newspaper Ad

Some people celebrated by buying Bitcoin memorabilia. For example, the Bitcoin 10th Anniversary T-shirt. From Bitcoin obituaries to Lightning Network, all of the best-known memes appear on it:

Bitcoin 10th Birthday T-shirt

The “C-level Crypto Community” group, which devotes itself to the blockchain space brought together a diverse group of crypto devotees to present a Bitcoin 10th year anniversary video: “A Million Dreams.” The objective was to bring together the global community and let everyone’s voice be heard.

Michael Gu of Boxmining said:

“I’m very grateful to be a part of this ten-year revolutionary journey. For me this song is about bringing together together a diverse group of people and showing the world that we can work together in harmony. Over the past 10 years we have learnt to overcome so many difficulties and worked together to help others understand and use Bitcoin. The first decade is just the tip of the iceberg for the Bitcoin revolution, and the next 10 years will fulfill another 1 million dreams.”

Community Should ‘Stay Positive’

Elly Zhang, director of partnerships at Heliocor and the organizer of this campaign, said: “I started this campaign to encourage the community to stay positive during the crypto winter. I see great opportunities and the future of blockchain technology is bright. I hope what we are doing can contribute to help promote a healthy global ecosystem.”

In addition, many netizens also expressed their blessings and good wishes on social media:

Bitcoin Tweets

At the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin, we have witnessed the miracle happening together. In the next decade, the inner spirit of Bitcoin will continue to be spread and deeper into people’s daily lives, leading more people to the new world of blockchain.

How are you celebrating Bitcoin’s 10th birthday? Share it with us in the comments.

Images and video via Jane Wang

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