TRUMP meme coin sees a significant rise, with trading volumes hitting $6.8 million in 24 hours.

From Primary Victories to NFT Ventures, Trump's Actions Ignite Conversations

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  • Trump’s recent win in the New Hampshire primary reinforces his standing in politics.
  • He’s voiced concerns over the security of central bank digital currencies, pledging to block them.
  • His stance on digital currencies resonates with the crypto community’s worries about financial freedom.
  • Trump forays into NFTs with a $99 collection, offering a dining experience with him as a perk.

Recent achievements in the political field, including a significant win in the New Hampshire primary, have solidified former President Donald Trump’s influential role.

Alongside his political maneuvers, Trump has publicly shared his doubts about the safety of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), promising to prevent their adoption.

Trump’s apprehensions about CBDCs echo a sentiment widely shared in the cryptocurrency community.

Many within this space have raised alarms about the potential threats these digital currencies pose to the autonomy and confidentiality of financial transactions.

According to Forbes, Trump’s investment in cryptocurrency, estimated at around $3 million, further connects him with the digital currency world.

NFT Ventures and Market Influence

Delving into the realm of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Trump introduced a new collection dubbed the Mugshot Edition, priced at $99 per NFT.

This initiative not only spiked interest in his own collection but also affected the broader NFT market, stirring up prices.

An enticing offer accompanies the purchase of 47 or more cards from this collection: a chance to dine with Trump at Mar-a-Lago, alongside a piece of his suit featured in the mugshot.

The Rise of TRUMP Meme Coin

In the cryptocurrency market, the TRUMP meme coin, backed by MAGAmemecoin, has witnessed remarkable growth.

Its market capitalization has soared beyond $114 million, with trading volumes reaching $6.8 million in just the past day.

This meme coin’s value has escalated by over 50% within the same timeframe, trading at $2.52.

TRUMP meme coin sees a significant rise, with trading volumes hitting $6.8 million in 24 hours.

A crypto wallet, believed to be owned by Trump, reportedly holds over $1 million in TRUMP tokens, highlighting his vested interest in the success of this digital asset.


Trump’s activities, ranging from political victories to engagements with cryptocurrency and NFTs, have sparked widespread discussion.

His stance on digital currencies, combined with his ventures into the NFT market, portrays a narrative of a figure intertwining political influence with digital innovation.

The crypto community watches closely as these developments unfold, given their potential impact on financial freedom and the digital currency landscape.


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