Why You Should Combine PR with IEO Marketing

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The impact of the pandemic has forced many blockchain startups to take a more defensive, protective approach to IEO marketing

Many companies are hoarding their cash and reducing expenses with plans to ride out this crazy time by retaining enough resources to quickly rebuild. But just because you’re playing defense doesn’t mean you should lower your profile. It simply means you need to alter your IEO marketing strategy — public relations. 

This is the time to focus on building up your leadership as thought leaders and highlighting project success stories through case studies and testimonials. These PR efforts are more long-term focused and will become extremely useful and helpful as the company leaves hibernation and moves towards rebuilding and growth. 

Recognizing PR Opportunities for IEO Marketing

There are several PR opportunities that blockchain projects can identify to accelerate their growth. Some of these include joint venture partnerships, longer-form industry media interviews and podcasts.

These strategies can help position your company as an industry thought leader, further creating an opportunity for the company to promote its success within the industry and in mainstream media.

It is also important to recognize today’s story and pivot to participate. For example, a blockchain company targeting the healthcare market can use this period to pivot their services to a new audience by focusing their PR on relevant media.

Another PR strategy to boost your IEO marketing efforts involves embracing employees as a key component of the project’s success.

Focusing on employees first allows the company to showcase its culture of putting its employees first while also opening the door to numerous product launch-related media opportunities, which helps to grow the brand and enable the company to expand into new markets more quickly.

If you are currently in hibernation, it’s time to start planning for life past Covid by developing PR plans that can help the project to re-insert itself into the public consciousness and regain and grow its market share. 

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